Smith Bible

This Bible was up for auction on eBay in January 2003 and sold to an unknown buyer. Seller gave permission for the following transcription to be posted to this site.
Submitted by Tara Hawkins as transcribed by the above seller.




Samuel G. Smith married Arabella M. Ivins at Hamilton Square NJ on November 25, 1885, in the presence of R.E. Haines and Lillie A. Scobey, Wm Luke Cunningaham Presbyterian Minister.


Samuel G. , son of Samuel and Girmanda (?) Smith, Feb. 28, 1862
Arabella M., daughter of William and Catherine Ivins, Aug. 21, 1865
L. Perry, son of Samuel and Arabella Smith, Oct. 24,1887


Arabella M Smith, Oct. 8,1930
Samuel G. Smith, Dec. 24, 1936 - Here it says "Samuel G. Smith beloved husband of Arabella M. Smith and Elizabeth M. Smith....." - this is the first mention of another marriage, probably after Arabella died. Samuel was 23 when he married Arabella, so he probably was not married before then.