Soper Bible Page

American Bible Society Bible published by
N. and J. White, New York, 1833. There are
four or five different handwritings.

Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,
This Bible was returned to relative
Nancy Soper.


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Albert Soper was married to Esther Farquharson
October 5th 1837

In Rome Dec 23rd 62 George Merrill to
Adelaide M. Soper

In Rome Apr. 20th 1871 Alexander C. Soper
to Mollie E. Pope.

In Rome Apr. 12th Arthur N. Soper to
Hettie M. Hardwell. 1871

In Rome Nov. 16 1882 James Philander
Soper to Henrietta S. Hill


Albert Soper was born January 11th, 1812

Esther Soper was born April 1st 1813

Arthur Wm Soper was born July 16th 1838

Mary Adelaide Soper " born December 12th

Edgar Soper was born July 16th 1843

Alexander Colburn Soper was born June 6th

Sarah Elizabeth Soper was born December
26th 1848

James Philander Soper was born Sept
28th 1851

Etta Alberta Soper was born April 16th 1854




Edgar James Soper Died June 20th 1845

Sarah Elizabeth Soper Died March 6th 1850

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More Notes:

Just in case no one recognizes this family, I have listed the direct line down to Albert. It would be wonderful for this Bible to find its way into the family line again.

Henry Soper married Sarah {Wattles}.
Sons of record were: Richard; Henry: John: Samuel: William: Benjamin; and Jeremiah.
Benjamin Soper (1684-1739), the son of Henry and Sarah (Wattles) he married
Martha Woolcot, both for the second time. lists Benjamin Soper's children as Jacob
(1709-1778/9) and Amos Soper (c1710/16-c1779).
Amos Soper (c1710/16-c1779), son of Benjamin Soper (1684-1739), in 1736, in
Huntington, New York, married Bethiah Foster (c1716- ). Their children included:
Amos Soper, Jr. (c1760- ).
Amos Soper (c1760- ), son of Amos Soper (c1710/15-c1779), was born in
Huntington, New York, and died in Oneida County, New York. In 1779, he married
Elizabeth Platt, Their children included: Philander (1785-1849);
Philander Soper (1785-1849) was born in Huntington, New York, and died in Rome,
New York. In 1810, in Rome, New York, he married Jerusha Martin(1791-1844).
Their children included: Albert (1812-1890)
Albert Soper (1812-1890) was born in Rome, New York, and died in Chicago,Illinois.
In 1837, in Rome, New York, he married Esther Farquarson (1813-1895), who was
born in Mapleton (Cherry Valley), New York, and died in Chicago, Illinois. Their
children included: Arthur William (1838-1901): Mary Adelaide (Merrill) (1840-1890)
Edgar J. (1843-1845): Alexander Coburn (1846-1930) Sarah E. (1848-1850): James
Philander (1851-1930) and Etta Alberta (M1 Sprogle, M2 Smith) (1854-1918).