Stice Bible

This Bible was submitted by Susan Norine Stice.

"This Bible was purchased in a small town in Kansas by an antique collector. This gentleman stated the Bible was purchased at a sale and when he questioned the elderly gentleman having the sale, he stated his father was a Stice, but that he was adopted and now that his father was dead, he did not wish to keep the Bible.

I purchased the Bible on Ebay from the antique collector. The copyright date inside is 1834. Susan Norine Stice

The following is information found in the Stice/Seybold/Wellman Family Bible."


[Internet sources place this family as early pioneers in Madison County, IL. Tracy St. Claire]


Page One
Stice/Seybold Family Bible

Inside front of Bible, hand inscription:

Presented to W N(?) Stice by H H Stice December 25, 1907

What appears to be an ink impression:

E. Wellman.

A pinkish colored sheet of paper in the Bible, had the following handwritten information:

Samuel Seybold was born October the 4th 1795 and was married to his wife Tamer (?) May the 2nd 1815. Tamer Seybold was born

Tamer (?) Seybold was born March the 8th 1817

Mary Seybold was born January the __st 1819

James M. Seybold was born November the 26th 1820

Hannah Seybold was born December the 15th 1822

Candance Seybold was born April the 28th 1825

Edwina Seybold was born My the 24th 1827

Samuel Seybold was born September the 23rd 1831

John C. (?) Seybold was born June the 12th 1834

Lafayette Seybold was born June the 25th 1838

Robert Seybold died March the 23rd 1817
Page Two
Stice/Seybold Family Bible

The following handwritten Family Records sheets were found inside the Bible:


David C. (?) Stice was born April 13, 1813

Mary M. Stice was born Jan 1, 1817

W.H.(?) Stice was born April 18, 1840

Mary D. Stice was born Feb 6, 1842

G.W. Stice was born Oct 13, 1843

Celistia V. Stice was born April 4, 1847

Albert W. Stice was born Jan 18, 1857

R.(?) G.(?) Stice was born Jan 28, 1835


James M. Stice was born Sept 26, 1861

Imma Wellman was born April 11, 1845

Albert W. Stice was born Jan 18, 1857

Cornelia Ellen Stice was born Sept 10, 1864

Ina May Stice was born Dec 28, 1865

Frank David Stice was born Dec 24, 1867


D.F. Stice and Mary M. Seybold was married Nov 10, 1836

D.F. Stice and R.F.(?) Stice was married March 8, 1853

William H.H. Stice and Emma Wellman was married Dec 3, 1863

D.F. Stice and O.E. Ratekin was married Dec 14, 1853
Page Three
Stice/Seybold Family Bible


Mary M. Stice departed this life Feb 8, 1850

Mary O. Stice departed this life May 15, 1845

Celistia V. Stice departed this life Jan 28, 1850

Rebeca J. Stice departed this deceased March 16, 1863

James M. Stice departed this life September 4, 1862

Albert W. Stice deceased Sept 17, 1873

David F. Stice deceased Mar 24, 1876 at nine o'clock A M in Coffey Co., Kansas

Pink slip of paper inside Bible had following information:

David F. Stice was born April the 13th, 1813 and was married to his wife Mary November 10, 1836.

Mary Stice was born January the 1st 1819

William H. Stice was born April the 18, 1840

Mary E. Stice was born February the 6th, 1842

George W. Stice was born Oct the 13, 1843

Back of the pink slip of paper, the following information, no names attached (could be a continuance of the front of the sheet?)

Died August the 8th 1837

Died July the 23rd 1838

Was born June the 22nd 1839

And died July 3, 1839

Mary E. Stice died May the 15, 1845

Page Four
Stice/Seybold Family Bible

White handwritten sheet inside Bible:

Andrew Stice was born June 20th 1770

Nancy Stice was born January 15, 1771

Robert Stice was born September 25, 1790

Charles Stice was born February 1, 1795

D(?)euna Stice was born July 14, 1792

Sarah Stice was born January 14, 1797

Katharine Stice was born March 28, 1799

Esther Stice was born July 26, 1801

Andrew Stice was born May 26, 1803

(Can't read first name and/or initials) Stice was born July 22, 1805

Nancy Stice was born September 23, 1807

John G.J. Stice was born February 1807 or 1801

David F. Stice was born April 13, 1812

James H. Stice was born February 22, 1817(1814?)

The Annual Banquet, Junior-Senior-Alumni May 19, 1914, Alta Vista High School Program belonging to Miss Faye Stice

Small Newspaper clipping, no date:

We regret to learn Mr. Stice, of Big creek, buried a son about eighteen years of age last Sunday, who died the day previous.

Handwritten sheet of paper inside Bible:

Record of Samuel Seybold Family

Samuel Seybold was born Oct 4, 1795 and was married May 2, 1816j
Page Five
Stice/Seybold Family Bible

Tamer Seybold his consort was born Oct 14, 1793 and died April 18, 1849

Mary Seybold was born Jan 1, 1819 and married David Stice Nov(?) 10, 1866 died Feb 8, 1850

James M. Seybold was born Nov 26, 1820

Hannah Seybold was born Dec 15, 1822

Candace Seybold born April 28, 1825

Elvina (or Elvira) Seybold born May 25, 1827

Samuel Seybold was born Sept 23, 1831

John C. Seybold was born June 12, 1834

Washington L. Seybold was born June 25, 1838 and died August 14, 1841

On the back of this sheet, handwritten information:

Record of father's family my mother, Mary Bull was born Dec 17, 1755 & was married to Jacob Gnotts(?) her first husband Dec 1776 and was married to her 2nd husband, Robert Seybold my father June 1788 and died Aug 9, 1833. My father Robert Seybold was born March 12, 1760 and was marrid June 1788 and died March 1, 1845. Rebeka Seybold was born Dec 28, 1790, Samuel Seybold was born Oct 4th, 1795, Josiah Seybold was born July 12, 1799 and died at Vatches(?)
James Seybold June 2, 1803 and died April 13, (actually reads 8169)

Pages with handwritten information that are a part of the Bible:


Elvin Moore Wellman and Deborah Wilcox Crandall were married March 9, 1839

Elvin M. Wellman born August 10, 1811, died Feb 9, 1848

Deborah Wellman August 24, 1817, died July 16, 1847

Warren Crandall, June 3, 1835(or 3)

Sarah Jane Wellman December 19, 1839

Page Six
Stice/Seybold Family Bible

Elvin S. Ellen Wellman, July 20, 1842, died July 8, 1848

Emmaline Wellman April 11, 1845, August 20, 1855

Children's Marriages

Warren Crandall & Isabella Jones were married Dec 1860

(Cannot read first name-faded) C. Axtell & Sarah J. Wellman were married Dec 3, 1862

W(?) H(?) Stice and Emma Wellman were married Dec 3, 1868

Elen Wellman and Myron Godfrey were married Dec 19, (1865 or 1895)

W H Stice & Emma Wellman were married Dec 3

W.H. Stice was ____ April (can't read dates)

Emmaline Stice born Aprl 11, 1845, died Aug 20, 1885

Celestia Deborah Stice born March 9, 1865, died Nov 17, 1865

Warren (Everet or Ernest) Stice, born Aug 10, 1866

Sarah Ellen Stice, born Aug 4, 1869, died Dec 1, 1869

(Minnie or Winnie) Bell Stice, born Nov 18, 1870

William Wilcox Stice, born March 19, 1875

George Samuel Stice, born Oct 2, 1877, died Dec 13, 1891

W H Stice, born Apr 18, 184(can't read last number), died Feb 12, 1908

William Wilcox Stice born March 19, 1875, died Jan 18, 1935

William Wilcox Stice and Mary Emmaline Perry were married March 27, 1895

Their children were:

Faye (Ina?) Stice-Davis born Jan 10, 1896

Rosa Ellen Stice-Case born Jan 31, 1898

Page Seven
Stice/Seybold Family Bible

Ross William Stice, born March 18, 1900

Ona Belle Stice-Phillips, Dec 17, 1902

Winnie Mae Stice-Stewart, born Nov 12, 1905

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