Stickney Bible

The Holy Bible Containing theOld and New Testaments.
Boston, C. Ewer and T. Bedlington, 1827. Hills # 582

This Bible is is good condtion. It is all original with the covers
intact. There is significant foxing. This family did a lot
of scribbling out in this Bible.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

David Stickney married Hannah Knight May 6th 1826
at Newburyport (Mass)

Children of David and Hannah Stickney

Georgianna Stickney Married to Wm. Whann May 10th 1849
at New Orleans La

Alice Moody Stickney married to Josiah Lovett October
23rd 1849 at New Orleans La

David Stickney married Helen Maria Chase April 3rd 1861 at
New Orleans

Sarah Ann Stickney Married Capt. Frank T. Blish April
3rd 1861 at New Orleans

David Stickney married Arabella H. Piles August 15th 1864
at New Orleans

Sarah married Maurice Nurley Aug. 8th 1868

[Page Two -- Births, There is a column of births that have been
crossed out. They appear to be the same ones as on the next

David Stickney Born June 24th 1799. Hannah wife of Dv
Born October 28th 1799.

[Page Three -- Births]


Thomas Adams Stickney
Born Feby 3rd 1827

David Stickney
Born July 15th 1828

Alice Moody Stickney
Born Dec 8th 1830

Georgianna Stickney
Born Dec 3rd 1832 [1832 aggressively scribbled out]

Danl Knight Stickney
Born Augt 3rd 1834

William Stickney
Born March 23rd 1840

Sarah Ann Stickney
Born March 28th 1842

[An entry in pencil after this one was
scribbled out. Illegible]

Lillian Stickney Borne
June 22nd 1869
child of David and Arabella

Grand Children

Charles Whann
Son of Wm. and Georgianna Whann
Born 22st April 1850

Son of David and Helen M. Stickney
born Oct 28th 1862. lived but 36 Hours.

Born May 15th 1865 at N. Orleans
Alice Kay Stickney
Daughter of David Stickney and
Arabella Holland Stickney

Born Sept. 1st 1866
Martha Kenaday Stickney
Child of D. Stickney

Born Belle Stickney
Oct 25th 1867 Child David and
Arabella Stickney

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Thomas Adams Stickney Died May 31st 1833
(aged 6 years + 3 months). Newbury Mass
Bury Ground

Daniel Knight Stickney Died Oct. 13th 1845
at New Orleans + buried in Cypress Grove
No 254 aged 11 years + 2 months

Capt. David Stickney Died January 5th 1849
Aged 50 Years
Died at New Orleans. Buried in Cypress
Grove Cemetary No 254

Alice Moody Stickney Died October 17th
1850 Aged 19 years + 10 Months =David

Alice lies buried in the Odd Fellows Rest
New Orleans. D.

Millie an old servant died on the 14th of
November 1858.

Hannah Knight Widow of David Stickney
died at N. Orleans Nov 9th 1859. Aged 60

Helen M. Stickney died at N. Orleans Nov. 8th
1862. Aged 28. Native of Buxton (Me.)

Capt. Frank Blish died at Macau China
Sept 26th 1863 aged 28 years

David Stickney son of David and Hannah
died March 22nd 1871 -- David lies
in the same tomb that his father and brother
did. Sarah

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------