Stone Bible

I've "rescued" an old 1849 Bible which originally belonged to the STONE Family of Wisconsin.

STONE Family Bible
Published 1849, New York, by the American Bible Society

Based on limited research I was able to find James Blinn STONE b. 11 March 1829 at Oshkosh, WI. James married Eliza Jane DANFORTH b. 7 June 1833, the daughter of Simon DANFORTH and Mary BISHOP. The couple was living in Oshkosh, WI during the 1880 census along with two daughters, Mary age 16 and Gertrude age 2. James R. was 51 years old, born in VT with both of his parents also VT born. Eliza J. was age 46, born in NY with her parents born in NY and CT respectively, both children were born in WI. Gertrude Alice STONE was born 18 June 1878 in Oshkosh, WI.

Harry HOBBINS and his wife Kittie Louise were living in Madison, WI listing her name as Louise during the 1880 census. Harry was listed as 26 years old, an insurance agent born in England and Louise age 22 with parents born in WI and NY respectively. I also believe that Charles SANBORN who married Gertrude Alice STONE was probably Charles SANBORN son of Silas & Emily SANBORN who were living in Madison, WI during the 1880 census. Silas was age 39, NY born and Emily age 35, VT born. Charles was said to be 9 years of age, born in WI. Their son Henry SANBORN b. 1 Sept 1902, died 17 Jan 1992.

I'm hoping to locate someone from this family so that this wonderful old treasure can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me.



Information contained in the bible is as follows:

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· In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 23rd 1854 by the Rev. Mr. MITER, Mr. James Blinn STONE to Eliza DANFORTH, only child of Mary DANFORTH
· February 20, 1879, Kittie Louise STONE to Harry B. HOBBINS
· September 25, 1887, Mary Campbell STONE to Arthur Wellington GREENWOOD
· Gertrude Alice STONE to Charles Marston SANBORN, November 6, 1901 in Madison
· 1928, Robert Campbell GREENWOOD and Aline GIBSON, in Chicago
· In Madison, June 1930, Arthur Wellington GREENWOOD and Gertrude STONE SANBORN
· In Chicago, 1930, Arthur Stanley GREENWOOD and Inez
· Oconomowoc, May 31, 1941, H. SANBORN and Marian DERSE
· In Chicago, 1959, A. Stanley GREENWOOD and Mame (died 1961)
· 1962, Arthur Stanley GREENWOOD to Mrs. Nancy GLEASON
· Aug 23, 1969 in New York City, Ann SANBORN to James Francis BROWN


· October 1909, Charles Marston SANBORN and Gertrude STONE SANBORN


· In Milwaukee, October 5th 1855, Florence Caroline STONE, daughter of James Blinn STONE & Eliza STONE
· In Milwaukee, December 18th 1858, Kittie Louise STONE, daughter of James B. & Eliza STONE
· In Oshkosh, Wis., October 3rd 1863, Mary Campbell STONE, daughter of James B. and Eliza STONE
· In Oshkosh, Wis., June 18th 1878, Gertrude Alice STONE, daughter of James B. & Eliza STONE, died Oct 13, 1965 in Santa Monica
· Lake Mills, 1888, Robert Campbell GREENWOOD, son of Arthur and Mary GREENWOOD
· Lake Mills, January 1890, Arthur Stanley GREENWOOD, son of Arthur and Mary GREENWOOD
· Sept 1, 1902, Weyauwega, Wisconsin, Henry Hobbins SANBORN, son of Charles and Gertrude SANBORN
· Feb 10, 1946, in Milwaukee, Ann Beth SANBORN, daughter of Henry and Marian SANBORN
· Oct 31, 1949, Milwaukee, James Blinn SANBORN, son of Henry and Marian SANBORN
· Nov 1971, NJ, Daniel William BROWN, son of James and Ann BROWN
· Feb 28, 1974, NY, David Christopher BROWN, son of James and Ann BROWN


· Florence Caroline STONE, March 8th 1861
· James B. STONE, Sept 25th 1884
· Harry HOBBINS, May 11, 1909
· In Lake Mills, 1911, Eliza STONE, buried in Forest Home, Milwaukee
· April 1929, in Lake Mills, Mary STONE GREENWOOD
· November 1938, Robert Campbell GREENWOOD
· In Lake Mills, May 1947, Inez GREENWOOD
· In Los Angeles, Jan 1, 1955 Arthur GREENWOOD
· March 1968, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Arthur Stanley GREENWOOD
· In Santa Monica, California, Marina DERSE SANBORN, Nov 22, 1968

Other Items

· Green ribbon page marker

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