Taylor Bible

This Bible was purchased on eBay, along with
VAN FLEET Bible which is a related family Bible.

The Holy Bible, New York, American Bible Society,


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[Page One -- Family Records Marriages]

Harriet A. Taylor to James C. Vaughn March 20th 1860

Eliza C. Taylor to William R. Cole September 2nd 1860

Robert W. Taylor to Julia E. Cables February 18th 1862

Theresa S. Taylor to Harrison Farner January 2th 1866

Mary J. Taylor to Miner Cole May 30th 1861

Lucretia C. Taylor to Pliney Van Fleet Nov 20th 1871

Addie Taylor to Edward Wall March 28th 1880 [date altered]

[Page Two -- Family Records Births]

William Taylor was born January 9th 1810

Mary M. Taylor was born April 11 1813

Robert W. Taylor was born Dec 5th 1835

Eliza C. Taylor was born April 20th 1837

Harriet A. Taylor was born born June 30th 1840

Mary Jane Taylor was born Sept. 14th 1842

Theresa S. Taylor was born July 23rd 1844

Commodore Taylor and Charles Taylor were born
July 3rd 1847

Lucretia Taylor was born Sept 20th 1849

Addie Taylor was born March 19th 1852

Romaine A. Taylor was born August 20th 1855

[Page Three -- Family Records Births]

Pliney Van Fleet was born April 28 1845

Wayne L. Van Fleet was born August 20th 1872

Mary Blanche Van Fleet was born April 17th 1874

William T. Van Fleet was born Nov. 12th 1878

Ralph W. Van Fleet was born July 27th 1882

Edna M. Van Fleet was born May 14th 1887

[Page Four -- Family Records Deaths]

Eliza Cole died June 13th 1874

Harriet Vaughn died June 21st 1878

Robert W. Taylor died Oct 10th 1882

Mary M Taylor died December 30th 1882

William Taylor died November 18th 1884

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