Taylor Bible


Taylor / Smith Family Bible

Submitted December 11, 1996 by:
James H. Evans,
Post Office Box 301,
Montgomery, AL 36101-0301.
Email: vonbear@mont.mindspring.com

Surnames in this record:

The Bible is apparently signed by Oscar C. Smith and dated September 13,
1907 and contains the following entries:

1. Verbena Taylor, born March 3, 1887, Montgomery County, AL
father: Thomas Taylor,
mother: Janie Taylor.

2. John Taylor, born June 15, 1880 in Montgomery County, AL
Father: Thomas Taylor,
Mother: Janie Taylor.

3. Oscar C [Cairy?] Smith, Born September 10, 1881 in Montgomery County, AL
Father: Tabe [?] Smith,
Mother: Chilatt [?] Smith

4. Rose Smith, born October 10, 1878 in Montgomery County, AL
Father: Tabe [?] Smith,
Mother: Martha Smith

[I have placed question marks near those names whose spelling I was unsure
No more entries were found in the Bible, However, it did contain a 193? grocery
receipt written as follows:]

Account bal - $0.54
Meat - $0.11
Milk - $0.06
Total- $0.71
and a 1907 algebra lesson also signed by Oscar Smith.