Thomas Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. These pages were kept
in the family for nearly two centuries of dates; it is a shame they
lost their way.

The writing is a little hard to read, so please double check the
scans before using this information.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

James B. Thomas and Jane H. King married May 15th

J. B. Thomas and Nancy C. Beaty maried July 16th 1857

J. S. N. Thomas & J. E. Steele were married the 24th of
Nov 1870

Thomas C. Hobbs & M. Gertrude Thomas were married
Nov. 24 - 1904

Adley A. Hampton
Mary J. Thomas maried April 3 1848

John S. Watts and Dorcas J. Thomas maried October
10th 1850

James A. F. Watts and Crisenne [??] J. Thomas Maried
Septem 22 1852

AJK Thomas & Salie Loret [??] Maried December 10th 1857

Josephine B. Thomas to J.J. Signin [??] Maried 26th April
1859 & started to Missippa the 5th May 1859

[Page Two -- Births]

Amzi F.P. Thomas born April 8th 1823

Mary J. Thomas born September 20th 1824

Dorcas J. Thomas born September 16th 1826

Eugena J. Thomas born September 30th 1828

John L. N. Thomas born May 29th 1831

Sarah M. H. Thomas born August 14th 1834

Josephine B. Thomas born May 7th 1838

[Page Three -- Births]

J. B. Thomas Born Septem 30 1788

J. W. Thomas Born July 31st 1792

Nancy C. Thomas Born June 1st 1809

Thomas C. Hobbs Jr. born Aug. 20 - 1906

Gertrude King Hobbs born April 18th 1909

Hattie B. Thomas was born October 18th 1871

Jay Erskine Thomas was born August 2nd 1873

Sallie Erigena Thomas was born September 16th 1875

Malissa G. Thomas was born March 3rd 1878

Carrie J. Thomas was born July 31st 1880

Brevard Steele Thomas was born Dec 15th 1882

[Page Four -- Deaths]

J.H. Thomas Died June 15th 1853 Wednesday 11 oclock
P.M. Night

J.B. Thomas Died August 5th 1873

Nancy C. Thomas died July 21 [?] 1885

S. N. Thomas Died May 12th 1899

J. E. Thomas died June 1st 1943
---- 70 in Aug

Thomas C. Hobbs Sr. Died April 3, 1929

Sarah M. H. Thomas Died June 20th 1854

Mary J. Hampton Died 8th dy of October 1861

Jane E. Thomas wife of J. S. N. Thomas died April 20th 1890

Sallie E. Thomas Died November 14, 1959

Mattie B. Thomas Died December 14, 1961

Carrie J. Thomas Died May 13, 1968

Brevard Steele Thomas Died February 9, 1967

Thomas C. Hobbs Jr. Died June 11, 1938

Gertrude Thomas Hobbs Died October 5, 1937

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