Tiffany Bible

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ. New York, Daniel D. Smith, 1831.

The information above was taken from the New Testament
title page. This Bible is really beaten up. The spine is gone, and
the pages are just a loose sandwich between the covers,
which are there. The main title page is gone, as are an unknown
number of other pages. The genealogy remains, however, along
with a loose cabinet photo of an unidentified man from Jamestown,

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

Isarel Tiffany To Lucena Cook Feburary 17th 1831

Alonzo J. Tiffany to Azora V. Servoss September 7, 1879

Archibald T. McDowell To Roselia F. C. Homer Sept.
16th 1860 at Frewsburgh N.Y.

[Page Two -- Births]

Isarel Tiffany March 14th 1807

Lucena Tiffany Jany 2d 1810

Sally M. Tiffany December 23th 1832

Samuel N. Tiffany September 20th 1833

Alanson S. Tiffany August 26th 1837

Alanzo C. Tiffany August 18th 1839

Roselia F. C. Tiffany April 11th 1842

Wallace J. Tiffany October 24th 1844

Lonson P. [?] Tiffany May 3th 1850

Emiley N. McDowell Born Nov. 27th 1861

Annah D. McDowell Born May 27th 1863

Beartha G. McDowell Born May 4th 1865

[Page Three -- Births]

Willy Y. [?] McDowell Born June 1 1868

Archibald T. McDowell Born at Franklin, Pa
May 31st 1834

Died Archibald T. McDowell Aged 8 yr [?]
8 m 18 days

Eva Cowdrey Born Sept. 1st 1855
Born at Jamestown N.Y.

died Oct 20 1921
Lucena M. Tiffany Daughter of Chapin & Mary Tiffany
Born Aug 27th 1864

Ela Aletta Tiffany Born May 15th 1869

Wm John Tiffany Born at Jas Town N.Y. December
20th 1871

W. Ernest Tiffany Born at Jamestown N.Y. August
21 1881

Orra Jay Tiffany Born at Jamestown November 28, 1894
Died Dec 2, 1894

Merle J. Tiffany Born at Jamestown N.Y. Oct. 20, 1900
[Died April 1974 according to S.S. Death Index -- TSC]

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Alanson S. Tiffany October 26th 1838

Behold earth has lost a bright flower
It was plucked in its earliest bloom
He withered and died in an hour
And now lies confined in the tomb

But methinks we may not [something] him here
Confined in this narrow abode
But behold him now blooming more fair
Before the bright throne of the Lord

Ye parents behold your sweet Boy
Locked in the dear saviours embrace
Whare in inocent beauty he smiles
And bids you to dry up your tears

And oh could he now fly to you
How would he entreat you to come
That you might partisipate too
In the joys of his heavenly home

By J.W. Phillips

Lucena Tiffany Died January 10th 1855 aged
45 years and 8 eight days

Israel Tiffany Died November 28, 1863 aged
56 years & 8 months

Wallice J. Tiffany Suposed to be killed near Spootsilvany
Court House May 12 1864 a Soldier in the Union Army
an good boy and a good Soldier, he gave his life for his

Sally M. Cowdrey Died at Fredonia N.Y. Sept. 18th
1868 35 years 9 months & 17 days

Ela Alexa Tiffany Daughter of Chapin & Mary Tiffany
Died Aug 12th 1870 Aged 1 year 2 months & 27 days

Emiley N. McDowell Died at Cinderville [?] N.Y.
October 7th 1862 11 Months & 10 days

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------