Todd Bible

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, New York,
American Bible Society, 1875. Minion Ref. 16 mo. The title page
and OT title page are both missing, so this information was copied
from the NT title page.

ABS Bible Title Page 1875

The Bible is in good condition. The binding is intact but splitting, and
all pages up to the first page of Genesis are missing. Other than that,
everything is great except for a couple of loose pages.

This family is found in Constantia, NY, in the 1870 federal census (under
Abraham Todd, who is a millwright). They are absent from all other census
indexes that I referenced.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Todd Family Bible Page 1

Claude Todd Book

Claude Kenyon Todd Bible
Constantina, N.Y.

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Todd Family Bible Page 2

Abram Todd
Lydia A. Dolbey
April 8, 1868

Abram Todd
Rowena A. Kenyon
April 23, 1892

[Page Three -- Births]

Todd Family Bible Page 3

Claude was born in March 3, 1888

Lillian was born Spet. 15 1895

Rowena was born June 4, 1852

Abraham was born Feb. 13, 1822.

Lydia A. Dolby was born in July 9, 1844

LeRay D. Todd was born in Nov. 20, 1870

Louie L. Todd was born in Nov. 20, 1870

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Todd Family Bible Page 4

Lydia A. Dolbey Died Mar. 29, 1891

Abram Todd died April 13, 1901

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