Trumbull Bible

This record was published in the National Genealogical Society
, Vol 15, No. 1, March, 1927, p 10.



Record noted by Mrs. Carrie W. Avery from a Bible in possession of Mrs. Ansell Woodworth, of Modesto, California, who is a great-grandaughter of Rev. Benjamin Trumbull (1735-1820). This Bible is said to have been carried through the Revolution by Benjamin Trumbull, who was a chaplain in the army and is said to have used it as a pillow.

On fly leaf: "Benjamin Trumbull's Bible bought Anno 1760" "Edinburgh, printed by Adrian Watkins, His Majesty's Printer MDCCLV." Family Record:

"Benjamin Trumbull was born at Hebron, December 19th, 1735, Old Stile, was graduated at Yale College, Sept. 12, 1759. He was married to Mrs. Martha Phelps, December 20th, 1760, and the 21st of the same month was ordained to the pastorial office in the church of North Haven.


And died Feb. 2nd, 1820, in the 85 year of his age, and in the 60th year of his ministry.

Rev. Benjamin Trumbull fied February 2nd, 1820, aged 84 years."

Mrs. Martha Trumbull
Died June 21, 1825,
aged 92 years.

Rev. Aaron Woodward
Died February 25th, 1840,
aged 79 years.

Mrs. Martha Woodward
Died December 10th, 1851,
aged 88 years.

(Mrs. Martha Woodward was the daughter of Rev. Benj. Trumbull. See Trumbull's History of Connecticut.)