Trusty Bible

Submitted December 1998:
Sue Marvelyn (Butterfield) Picard
220 Royal Oak Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322
phone: 757-482-3023

This bible is in my possession. I received the Trusty family bible on August 10, 1977
from my grandmother, Marvelyn Trusty Grove of Monona, Clayton, IA. (Marvelyn was the
daughter of Lester Bur Alin Trusty) The Trusty family from NC/TN. Enoch & Emily married
in White Co., IL moved to Schullsburg, Lafayette, WI finally settling in Chickasaw Co., IA.

The Illustrated Polyglot Family Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, with full and
complete marginal notes and references, and the apocrypha, concordance, and psalms in metre.
Sold by subscription only Bradley, Garretson, & Co., 66 North Fourth St., Philladelphia, PA. 1874.

Surnames in this file:

//First Page
This Certifies That
The Rite of
Holy Matrimony
Was celebrated between
Enoch T. Trusty of Ionia, Iowa
And Anna Huffman of Chickasaw, Iowa
On April 28th, 1870 at New Hampton.
By W.M. Parker.
Witness S. P. Hartley Witness J. C. Adams

//Second Page
Enoch Trusty was married to Sarah VanSickle Oct. 25th 1854
Alfred Huffman was married to Anna Peterson Dec. 19th 1866

Enoch Trusty was married to Anna Huffman 28th of April 1870
Andrew Trusty was married to Ellen Cocks Sept. 2nd 1874.

Alonzo E. Trusty was married to Addie Busey Nov. 16th 1885
Alfretta Huffman married to Leroy Yong Dec. 24th 1885

Alice R. Trusty married Peter Gerholdt Oct. 2nd 1886

//Second Page continue
Maymie Trusty on 20 of May 1909 [these three entries are written in pencil in child like hand]
Mable Trusty May 8 1912 [all three girls are children of Alonzo E. & Addie Trusty]
Marie Trusty Sept. 19 March 30

Emma Trusty married LeRoy Parrish Febr. 22, 1899

//Third Page
Enoch Taylor Trusty was born Jan. 13th, 1833
Sarah Vansickle was born Sept. 12th, 1837
Catherine Trusty was born Feb. 12th, 1853
Andrew Trusty was born Sept. 10, 1855
Horace Trusty was born May 9th, 1858
Alonzo Trusty was born Feb. 15th, 1860
Calvin Trusty was born March 4th 1862
Frank Trusty was born March 28th 1864
Alice Trusty was born June 1st, 1868

Emily Ann Peterson was born Oct. 9th, 1849
Alfretta Huffman was born June 24th 1868
Willie Trusty was born Feb. 26th 1871
Aldon Trusty was born Dec. 24th 1873
Verner Trusty was born April 13th 1875
Raymond Trusty was born Dec. 24th 1878
Emma Trusty was born Sept. 11th 1880
Lester Bur Alin Trusty was born Nov. 20th 1884
Leo Laton Trusty was born Feb. 1st 1887

//Fourth Page
Sarah Trusty died Feb. 11th, 1870 aged 33 yrs. 7 mos. 1 da.
Alfred Huffman died Oct. 8th 1867 aged 20 years 4 mos.
Horace Trusty died March 15th, 1876 Aged 17 yr. 9 mos 6 das.
Aldon Trusty died March 6th, 1874 Aged 1 year 2 mos.
Calvin Trusty died Aug. 6, 1885 aged 23y 5 mos. 2 das.
Frank Trusty died May 8, 1889 aged 25 yr 1 mo. 5 das.
Enoch Trusty died April 16, 1914 aged 81 yrs 3 mos. 3 das.
Emily Ann Trusty died Dec. 5, 1914 aged 65 yrs 1 mo. 26 das.
Elonzo Trusty died March 1, 1922
Aged 63 sixteen of February
Addie Trusty died Sept. 1, 1936 age 76 yrs
Wm D. Trusty died Aug. 1948 age 77 y 6 m
Mrs. Wm. D. (Kitty) Trusty died Juy 5, 1943 age 61 y
Mr. LeRoy L. Young died Aug. 20, 1931 age 74
Mrs. LeRoy L. Young (Retty) died Oct 26, 1931 age 63
LeRoy Parrish died June 16, 1951 age 72
Emma Trusty Parrish died June 10, 1958 age 77 9 mos
Lester Trusty died Nov. 22, 1964 age 80 yrs

//Fifth Page
Family History
A.E. Trusty was born Feb. 16th 1860 [these too are written in pencil with childlike hand]
Mable Trusty was born Apr. 20, 1887
Leafie Trusty was born May 20, 1889
Addie Trusty was born Aug. 3, 1860
Sarah Trusty was born Sept. 19, 1897 [this is Marie Trusty on page 1]