Tupper Bible


Tupper Family Bible

Submitted May 17, 1998 by:
Laurie Rundle
Email: larundle@island.net

Surnames found in this record:

Christ Church, Vancouver B.C.
Chas. A. Paton Born Aug 23nd 1884 Hrinturqoue Que
Ann A Paton Born March. 26th 1887 Greersville Ont
Elmer Henry Paton Born Apr 3nd 1910 Vancouver BC
(Christened In Christ Church, Vancouver)
Roy Tupper Paton Born October (1915) 27th/1915
(Christened In All Saints Church Mission City) Mission City BC
Norma Enid Paton Born 27th July, 1922. Mission City BC
Christened In All Saints, Church Mission City

Elmer H. Paton Elsie Noreen May Dolman Chilliwack Jan 15/1941

Chas A. Paton Died July 26th/1923, Mission City
Norma E. Paton Died Sept 24th/1944 Mission City
Roy Tupper Paton Died June 4/1968 Mission City

[Notes: Transcribed exactly including spelling, parenthesis, punctuation.
Elmer H. Paton and Elsie Noreen May Dolman are my Grandparents (Paternal) - Laurie Rundle]

Description: Page in Family Bible titled Births:


James. H. Tupper born Sept 13th 1848 Suighoia
Hannah Tupper born Sept 20th 1848 Hull, Eng
John Archalaus Tupper born Oct 20th 1874 (Maple Valley) Auspray
Mary Tupper born June 4th 1876 (Maple Valley) Auspray
Alfred Tupper born July 4th 1878 (Maple Valley) Auspray
Wm Thomas born July 18th 1880 Ho
Joseph Hugh born Nov 1st 1882 Greers
Ann Amelia born March 26th 1887 Greer

[Notes: Transcribed exactly as written including spelling, punctuation, parenthesis and incomplete information.
James and Hannah Tupper are my Great Great Grandparents,
Ann Amelia was my Great Grandmother.
I believe that Greer and Greers refers to Greersville Ontario.
- Laurie Rundle]

[Description: Page in Family Bible titled Deaths:]


Mary Tupper Jan 27 1897 80 yrs.
James Henry Tupper Apr. 4/1909 60 yrs. 6 mths
Mary Beckett Dec 20/1926
Hannah Tupper May 17/1942
Joseph Hugh Tupper Jan 27 1944
Ann Amelia Paton April 17th 1952

[Notes: Transcribed exactly, including punctuation, spelling and capitals.
Mary Tupper is my GG Great Grandmother,
James Henry Tupper is my G Great Grandfather,
Hannah Tupper is my G Great Grandmother,
and Ann Amelia Paton is my Great Grandmother.
- Laurie Rundle]

[Description: Page in Family Bible titled Marriages:]


Mary Tupper Lincoln Beckett
married 14th June 1895
Alf Tupper Maud McGirr
married Jan. 20th 1900
John Tupper Emma Charman
married July 11th 1900
Will Tupper Florence Craig
married Sept. 18 1901
Annie Tupper Chas. A. Paton
married Mar 2/1909

[Notes: Transcribed exactly, including punctuation, spelling and capitalization.
Annie Tupper and Chas. A. Paton are my Paternal Great Grandparents.
- Laurie Rundle]

[Other documents that are tucked in the pages of the Bible:]


Bess - A funeral card for a beloved dog
Church Sketch Sketch of unknown church in Vancouver, B.C.
Cure for Small Pox Handwritten note with recipe for small pox cure
Family Bible Births
Family Bible Births
Family Bible Deaths
Family Bible Marriages
King Edward VII Memorial Card in Memory of
Letter from Ireland Handwritten
Oddfellows Certificate For Charles A. Paton
Queen Victoria's Memorial Card in Memory of
Sunday School Pamphlet