Van Wagenen Bible


Van Wagenen Family Bible

Submitted January 17, 1997 (updated May, 2003 with images) by:

Patricia Van Wagenen Heffernan
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Aert Jacobsen maintained a family bible, in Dutch, which has survived through these past 300 years,
and on four pages within this bible are recorded the births and deaths of the first five generations of
his family. A portion of these bible pages are transcribed below.

The "Groote Bible" (Great Bible) was until 1987 in the
possession of Mrs. Mae Lockwood Van Wagenen of High
Falls, NY, the widow of Victor Van Wagenen (1891-1972), it
having been passed down from father to son through
succeeding generations as follows:
(1) Aert Jacobsen
(2) Jacob Aertsen
(3) Aert Van Wagenen
(4) Jacob Aertse Van Wagenen
(5) Johannis J. Van Wagenen
(6) Johannis Artse Van Wagenen
(7) John Andrew Van Wagenen
(8) Jacob D. Van Wagenen
(9) Victor Van Wagenen

Upon the death of Mae Van Wagenen, the bible passed into the possession of her niece who in turn
donated it to the Old Dutch Church at Kingston, NY. Within this very large tome are four loose pages,
written mostly in "old Dutch", and upon which are recorded five generations of births, marriages and
deaths. (from the Genealogy of "Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen of Wageningen, Holland" by Carl S.
Van Wagenen, Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY 14847-0299.
My cousin Carl sent me photocopies of the original pages for a report my daughter was doing for a
school assignment.

The eldest son of JACOB AERTSEN and SARA PELS, my direct ancestor, was AERT AERTSEN,
born October 15, 1679, who married on October 14, 1705 at the Kingston Dutch Church to
MARYTJE LOW, born December 18 1685 at Kingston, the daughter of Pieter Cornelisse Lau of
Holstein, Holland, who arrived from Holland in 1659 aboard the sailing ship "FAITH". Aert died on
June 10, 1740, and his wife MARYTJE died on June 20, 1733. --- Patricia .

Surnames found in this record:

--> first page:

The following is concerning the age of myself, JACOB AARTSEN,
and also my wife, SARA PELS; also our marriage day, and the
birthdays of my sons and daughters:

1652, Feb 14 : I was born (old style)
1659, July 3 : My wife was born
1677, Feb 25 : I was married to my wife
1678, Sept 10 : Was born our first daughter, annatje, about
2 o'clock A.M.
1679, Oct 15 : Between Wednesday and Thursday, about midnight,
our first son, AERDT, was born.
1681, April 12 : About one hour before sunrise on Tuesday, our
second son, EVERT, was born.
1682, Nov 2 : Our third son, GERRIT, was born, about 7 in
the morning.
1685, April 11 : Was born our second daughter, REBECKA, about
7 in the morning.
1686, Sept 1 : Was born our third daughter, GEERTJE, about
10 in the evening.
1688, April 4 : Was born our fourth daughter, JANNETJE, about
7 in the morning.
1689, April 10 : Was born our fifth daughter, JANNETJE, about
11 in the morning.
1691, Feb 5 : Was born our fourth son, GERRIT, about midnight.
1692, Nov 19 : Between Saturday and Sunday, about midnight, was
born our fifth son, SYMON.
1695, Jan 5 : Our sixth son, JACOB, was born about 9 in the
1696, Dec 28 : Our seventh son, BENJAMIN, was born, about 7 in
the evening.

-->second page:

1699, Feb 5 : Our eighth son, ABRAHAM, was born between 1 and
2 o'clock in the morning.
1701, Dec 1 : Our sixth daughter, SARA, was born, between 1
and 2 o'clock in the morning.
1703, Aug 14 and 15 : Our ninth son, ISAAC, was born, about 12
o'clock at night.
1709, Nov 17 : Was my son, GERRIT, struck on his head by a limb
or branch, which was torn by me from another, and
died the 19th, on Saturday, about an hour and a
half before sunset, and on Tuesday was buried here.

1685, Dec 18 : My wife MARIA LOU is born.
1733, June 20 : On Wednesday afternoon about 6 my wife MARIA died.
1740, June 10 : AERT VAN WAGENEN died.

-->third page:


1743, Sept 24 : With this is the birthday of me JOHANNIS VAN WAGENEN.
1752, Dec 2 : With this the birthday of my wife REBECCA VAN WAGENEN.
1773, Sept 30 : With this our wedding day.
1774, Sept 23 : Is my son JACOB AERSE born around 10 o'clock at night.
1776, Nov 8 : Is my second son born around 10 o'clock at night and
1779, Jan 10 : Is my first daughter born around 5 o'clock in the
morning and is named ELIZABETH.
1781, May 8 : Is my third son born around 8 o'clock at night and
is named SAMUEL.
1783, Dec 21 : Is my second daughter born around 10 o'clock in the
morning, and is named SARA.
1784, Feb 12 : Is my son JACOB AERSE dead.
1786, Sept 7 : Is my fourth son born around one o'clock in the
afternoon and is named BENJAMIN.
1789, Mar 2 : Is my third daughter born around 11 o'clock at
night and is named REBECKA.
1791, Sept 11 : Is my fourth daughter born around 5 o'clock in
the afternoon, and is named JANITIE.
1792, June 21 : Is my daughter SARA dead, around 6 o'clock in
the evening.
1793, Dec 8 : Is my fifth son born around 6 o'clock in the morning
and is named ARTH FREHR.
1796, Mar 9 : Is my sixth son born around 10 o'clock at night and
is named ABRAHAM.
1802, Sept 15 : Is my son ABRAHAM dead around 2 o'clock after
1814, Mar 26 : Is my son Samuel dead.

--> one entry on page, written in English:

1821, October 30[?] : Is my father Johannis Van Wagenen
Dyed Aged 78 years, 1 Month, and 6 Days.

--> on bottom of third page, written in English:

1827, July 13 : There is Samuel born about six clock in the afternoon.
1828, December 12 : There is John born about seven clock in the morning.
1830, September 3 : There was born Rebecca Jane.
1833, February 22[?] : There was born James Van..
1835, February 19 : There was born Benjamin Van Wagenen.
1836, September 8 : There died Benjamin Van Wagenen.

[Note: Photocopies of the other bible entries that have not been translated include
entries for the years 1707, 1708, 1730, 1731, 1734?, 1740, 1743, 1747, 1748,
1751(7?), 1775, 1778. There is also a typed history on the VAN WAGENEN family,
as well as a photocopy of the preface page of the Van Wagenen family bible.]