Walton Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments.
Hartford, Case, Lockwood and Co., 1860. Hills #1718,
This is volume 2 only. On the cover reads Eunice L.
Clark, although she is not referred to in the family
records anywhere. It is inscribed to Clement G. Wells
from Mrs. A.C. Sanders, although they are not referred
to either.


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[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Clement G. Wells from Mrs. A.C. Sanders

[Page Two, Marriages]

Andrew C. Walton
Abby C. Lewis
June 27th 1859

Frank E. Leighton
Josephine E. Walton
June 27th 1877

[Page Three -- Births]

Andrew C. Walton Dec 16th 1837

Abby C. Walton Aug 15 1837

Josephine E. Walton April 29 1861

Albert T. [??] Walton August 13 1865

Frank E. Leighton Jan 7th 1860

Arthur E. Leighton Dec 15th 1878

Abbie C. Leighton Dec. 6th 1879

Alice Bell Leighton Oct. 8th 1888

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Andrew C. Walton March 4th 1889

Albert G. Walton Oct 18th 1865

Frank E. Leighton Sept. 18, 1894

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