Ward Bible

Submitted October 2000 by:
Dorothy Marie Ward Winters
PO Box 653
Kennedale, TX 76060

When my grandmother, Texana Patton Ward died, her children gave me the family Bible because
I was the one interested in maintaining family history. The Bible is in very good condition and on
display in my home. George Washington Ward was my grandfather. He fought in the Civil War
while a young teenager and married Texana when he was fifty years old and she was twenty.



Henrietta Patton (nee Featherkyle born in Indiana October 27, 1836) [mother
of Texana Patton]

Geo. W. Ward, Born in Brandon, Miss. March 1846, Co. B 6th regt, Miss. Inf.
C.S.A., member of
Masonic Lodge.


George W. Ward and Miss Texana Patton was married Dec. 5th 1895
Mr. Robert E. Clemmons and Miss Lucille Ward was married Feb 7, 1917
Mr. Young W. Ward and Miss Hallie Callahan was married June 30, 1919
Mr. John L. Swiney and Miss Jessie Ward was married Feb. 6, 1926
G. W. Ward Jr. and Miss Minnie Girard was married Dec 20, 1927
Rush W. Ward and Miss Beatrice Mae Swiney was married July 31, 1930


Young Ward was born Sep. 15, 1896
Cecil Ward was born May 21, 1898 [this is Lucille Ward Clemmons]
George Wade Ward was born June 26, 1900
Lena Henrietta Ward was born July 14, 1903
Rush Wiley Ward was born May 31, 1906
Jessie Ward was born Jan 26, 1909
Alford Waldo Ward was born Feb 18, 1912
Roberta Jessie Anna Clemmons was born Dec 30, 1917
Gerald Edgar Clemmons was born October 11, 1919
Lena Lee Ward was born Sept 29, 1920
George Harold Ward was born Feb. 23, 1922
Farland Young Ward was born Sept 23, 1923
Martha Lucille Ward was born Sept 29, 1925
Nelwyn Sue Ward was born March 5, 1934
Dean Bevins Swiney was born Feb. 6, 1927
George Albert Ward was born March 24, 1929
John Dale Swiney Nov. 11, 1929
Elvis Ward born Oct. 18, 1930
James Leslie Swiney born Sept 21, 1931
Gerald Eugene Ward born July 27, 1931
Dorothy Marie Ward born Dec. 27, 1932
Zola Mae Ward born Nov. 30, 1934
Richard Kelly Ward born Jan 31, 1936
Bruce Wade Swiney born July 3, 1934
Patricia Ann Swiney March 16, 1942


Lena H. Ward departed this life Jan 1, 1904
G. W. Ward departed this life July 13, 1915 born in March 1846
Mrs. H. Patton departed this life Feb. 7, 1925
John Dale Swiney departed this life Feb. 22, 1931
Geo Wade Ward departed this life April 19, 1932
Alfred Waldo Ward departed this life March 28, 1936
Texana Patton Ward departed this life March 28 1964
Rush Wiley Ward died 3:00 pm Oct. 26, 1975
Young Wilhoyt Ward died 11:00 pm Oct. 31, 1975

[Family members have added information to the Bible since George Washington Ward died.]
[By way of explanation of the births: Young, Cecil, George Wade, Lena, Rush, Jessie, Alford are
the children of George W. Ward and Texana Patton Ward; Roberta and Gerald Clemmons are the
children of Robert and Lucille Ward Clemmons; Lena, George Harold, Farland, Martha and
Nelwyn are children of Young and Hallie Callahan Ward; Dean, John Dale, James, Bruce, and
Patricia are children of John and Jessie Ward Swiney; George Albert and Elvis are the children of
George Wade and Minnie Girard Ward; Gerald, Dorothy, Zola, Richard are the children of Rush
and Beatrice Swiney Ward.]