Webber Bible

This Bible looks to be late 18th century. Only the New Testament
title page remains, and it is damaged. The New Testament of our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated Out of the Original Greek;
and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised,
By His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be Read in Churches.

This Bible's poor condition comes from heavy and loving use, not abuse.
Each page shows constant study through many generations, and this is
very touching. The binding appears original, and the back cover remains
attached. The front cover is detached, and all pages until Exodus Chapter
11 are missing.

Pasted to the inside front cover is "a copy of the original family record",
which was copied in 1894. I originally rejoiced when I saw that, because
the family record on the reverse of the NT title page is almost obliterated.
After further examination, I question its accuracy. It may be a transcript
of another family record (although it follows the one in the middle of this
Bible closely) or it may have been carelessly copied, because some
obvious differences are apparent.

It is my understanding that the Georgetown referred to in this Bible is the
one in Maine (USA).

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Inside Front Cover]

A copy of the original family record -

--father Noah Webber born Mar 1st 1764.
--mother Nancy Quinn Webber born Feb 25 1766.
Married in Georgetown 1785

John Q. Webber born Sept 4th 1787.
Margaret Webber born Sep 27 1789.
Mary Webber born Oct 3rd 1790.
Stephen Webber born Feb 21 1793
Noah Webber jr born Feb 15 1801
Isaiah Webber born July 1st 1805
Lucy Webber born July 5th 1807.
Rufus K. Webber born Sept 5 1813.

Copyed by Mrs. William Greenleaf (Nancy) 1894
Grand daughter of Noah Webber Jr

and Sister of Zoriah [Jonah? Zonah? ??] Webber who was the
father of Ella M. Webber

M. Rich

[Page Two -- Reverse of NT Title Page]

John Webber born September the 4 ??
???gery Webber Born November the 27
?y Webber Born October 23 17??
??en Webber Born April ?? 17??
Webber Born feburey 21 1798 [or 3]
Webber Junior Born Feberey 13 18??
Webber Born juliday the 1 184
? Webber Born October the 5 1807
Rufus Webber September the 5 = 1813

Webber Born April 18th 1764
Webber Febeary the 25 176?

[Page Three -- Page with a flower bouquet glues to it]

Gathered near my grandpapa grave 1896 N. Greenleaf

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