Webster Bible

The Holy Bible Translated from the Latin Vulgate.
John Murphy Company, Baltimore Maryland, 1914.
Has "Murphy" on the spine. Similar to Hills #2217.

There are two sheets with more genealogical info, and
two Valentine cards -- one from "Mom" dated 2-14-40
(to her husband) and one undated signed "Pap".

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire


Bible eagerly returned to Marcella Webster, just as she is celebrating her 90th birthday. She wrote me a very kindly letter, and is the nicest person you will ever meet.


TRANSCRIPT BEGINS HERE____________________

[Page One -- Births]

Barbara Ann Webster born to Ralph D. and Marcella
Elbert Webster at St. Vincents Hospital, L.A.
at 8:37 A.M. Saturday, the 5th day of October, 1935.
Baptised at St. Columbkills, Los Angeles.

John William Webster, born to Ralph and Marcella at
Queen of the Angels Hospital, Los Angeles, at 8:20
A.M. Saturday, the 27th day of February, 1937.
Baptised at St. Columb kills, Los. Angeles

Richard Clark Webster, born to Ralph and Marcella Webster
at Sacred Heart Hospital, Hanford, Calif. at 5:50 P.M.
on May 31, 1941. Saturday. Baptised on Aug. 31, 1941
at St. Anne's Church in Carterville, Calif.

[Page Two -- Marriages]

Ralph Denny Webster and Marcella Elbert married Nov. 3,
1934 at St. Mary's Church, L.A. by Father Patrick Francis

[Page Three -- Inserted Sheet]

James Allen Van Kirk born May 3, 1955 baptized Fort
Recovery, Ohio

Steven Van Kirk born Fort Recovery, Ohio Baptized "

Charles Edward Van Kirk born Monterey Park, Ca.
baptized Our L. of the M.M. a Church Montebello

[Page Four -- Three Reversed]

John Wm Webster-Lois Jean
Diana Jean Webster born June 22 1960
Montabello Baptised at M.M.

Sharon Ann Webster born August 5, 1961 Montebello
Baptised South Gate

[Page Five -- Inserted Sheet, very old photocopy]

John Fitzwilliam Born July 19 1872 at Carmelton, Ind

Patrick James Fitzwilliam Born Nov 16 1874 at Bowling
Green Ky.

Partrick Henry Fitzwilliam Born April 9 1876 at Point
Isabel, Ky.

Mary Francis Fitzwilliam Born May 7 1878 at Nashville, Tenn.

Anne Elizabeth Fitzwilliam Born June 13 1880 at
Magnolia, Iowa

David Fitzwilliam Born June 15 1882 Magnolia, Iowa

Jane Celia Fitzwilliam Born Oct 24 1883 at Magnolia

James Fitzwilliam Born Aug 27 1885 at Magnolia Iowa

Bertram Vincent Fitzwilliam Born July 23 1887
Monono Co. Willow Tp Iowa Baptized Aug 28 1887
Sponsors Jas. J. Kennedy + Mrs. Jane Kennedy

Agnes Fitzwilliam Born Nov 9 1889 in Monono Co Willow
Tp Iowa Baptized May 18 1890 Sponsors Pete [??]
Mc Dermot + Rose Mc Dermot

----------END TRANSCRIPT--------------------------