Weeks Bible Records

These pages were removed from the original bible
and placed in a scrapbook compiled by Theresa
Louise MARTENS. Theresa penned at the bottom of
this page "Written by Dorcas Weeks, great-grandmother
of Josephine Martens". There are about four
different handwritings in the bible pages. I have
transcribed it as closely as possible, and the
capitalizations and strange date abbrieviations
are in the original.

The scrapbook has many other documents, letters,
naturalizations, photographs and other things
pertaining to these people and others. I acquired
this book at auction and have no information
about its history. The MARTENS family came
from Germany in the mid-1800s. All documents
pertaining to the WEEKS family come from
different places in New Jersey.

People with links directly to this family should
contact me directly for more information. Theresa
translated a longish history of the MARTENS
and has listed many more birth & death dates
for the MARTENS and WEEKS.

Tracy St. Claire
114 Hilltop Lane
Sleepy Hollow, IL 60118
e-mail: tracy@stclaire.org




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Thomas Weeks was married to Dorcas Weeks the 15th
of 9th mo 1822

George Weeks was married to Martha Williams 28th of
the 12th month 1842

John A. Alyea was married to Emma Jane Weeks 20th
of 3rd month 1850

Charles Weeks was married to Elizabeth Anna Rockwell
8th of 12th month 1853

Carl Martens was married to Josephine Weeks the 23rd
of 10th month 1873


Thomas Weeks was born 26th of third month 1801

Dorcas Weeks was born the 4th day of 9th mo 1803

George Weeks was born the 20 day of 7th mo 1823

Alfred Weeks was born the 2th day of 10th mo 1825

Angeline Weeks was born the 22th of 2th 1827

Almira Weeks was born the 22th of 12th mo 1829

Charles Weeks was born the 19th of 9th mo 1832

Emma Jane Weeks was born the 23rd of 4th Mo 1834

Josephine Weeks was born the 3rd of 8th Mo 1837

Mary Elizabeth Weeks was born the 6 of 1st Mo 1839

William Henry Harrison Weeks was born the 23rd
of 3rd Mo 1841

Charles Weeks, Son of Charles + Elizabeth Ann was
born the 20nd of 12th Mo 1859 [1858 corrected to 1859]

James Rockwell Weeks, Son of Charles and Elizabeth
Anna was born the 22nd of 11th mo 1861 [1866
corrected to 1861]

Walter Livingston Weeks, Son of Charles and Elizabeth
Ann was born 2nd of 11th Mo 1862

Clifford Eagle Weeks, Son of Charles and Elizabeth Ann
was born the 24th 9 Mo 1865

Martha Weeks was born 1th of 7 mo 1822

Georganna Weeks was born 28th of 11 mo 1843

Carolina Weeks was born 12th of 1 mo 1845

Mary Weeks was born 20th of 11 mo 1848

Sarah Louisa Weeks was born 17th of 8 mo 1850

Thomas Weeks was born 19th of 9 mo 1852

Fredrick Herman Martens was born 6th day of
7th month 1874

Herman Carl Martens was born the 26th day of
5th month 1878

Mary Alyea was born 18th of 12th month 1850

Thomas Weeks Alyea was born 11th of 7 mo

Emma Jane Alyea was born 11th of 8 mo 1854

Elizabeth Anna Weeks wife of Charles Weeks was
born 6th of 3 mo 1838

Josephine Lawrence Weeks daughter of Chas. and
Lizzie Weeks born 26 of 8th month 1874

Helen E. Weeks, daughter of James R. Weeks
born 21st April 1886

Theresa Louise Martens was born the 2nd day of
1st month 1880


Alfred Weeks died the 30th of 9th mo 1827

Angeline Weeks died the 26th of 4th mo 1830

Almira Weeks died the 6th of 4th mo 1831

Caroline Weeks died the 1th of 3 mo 1848

Emma Jane Alyea died 17th of 9th Mo 1854
[infant, noted elsewhere]

Emma Jane Alyea died 28th of 2nd Mo 1855
[mother, noted elsewhere]

Wm. Henry Harrison Weeks died 17th of 7th
month 1862 [USN, killed in action]

Walter Livingstone Weeks son of Charles and
Elizabeth Anna died 20th of 10th mo 1863

Mary Weeks Died the 12th of 7th Mo 1835

James Weeks Died the 30th of 8th Mo 1841
aged [no ending]

Thomas Weeks Died the 6th 1st Mo 1842
aged 40 years 9 months and 10 days

Dorcas Weeks died the 5th of 1st month 1885

Carl Martens died 10th day of 1st month,1923.

Josephine Weeks Martens died 22nd day of
4th month 1931

Frederick H. Martens died 18th day of 12th
month 1932

Herman C. Martens died 14th day of 2nd
month 1951