Weeks Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New
Testaments, New York, Daniel D. Smith, 1824.

This bible is in fair condition, with covers separated
and heavy foxing.

This bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire



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[Page One -- Marriages]

Henry Weeks married August the 21 AD 1823

George H. Weeks married June 10, 1847

Samuel P. Weeks married May 24, 1850

Harriet B. Weeks married April 9th 1853

[Page Two -- Births]

Henry Weeks born March the 24 AD 1800

Tirzah Phinney Weeks born January the 18 AD 1802
[Phinney written above in pencil after original entry]

George Henry Weeks born March the 31 AD 1825
married to Mary A. M. Freeman Born
[married to...added after original entry]

Samuel L. Weeks born April the 30 AD 1828
married to Susan R. Jones Born
[married to...added after original entry]

Silvia B. Weeks born November the 20 AD 1832

Harriett B. Weeks Born January the 30 AD 1835
married to Nathaniel Hamler Born February 6th 1828
[married to...added after original entry]

Lucy L. Weeks Born December the 3 AD 1839
married to Albert F. Shaw Dec 16 1833
[married to...added after original entry]

William P. Weeks Born Aug the 31 AD 1842

[Page Three-- Births]

Henry W. Weeks Born March 28th 1851

Horatio Houghton Hamlin Born March 15th 1854
son of Nathaniel and Harriett

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Henry Weeks died October 29th 1847 aged 47
years 7 months + 5 days

Tirzah Weeks June 9 1880 aged 78 years 4
months + 21 days

Mary Erver Born April 14th 1772
Died November 9th 1849

Samuel Phinney born May 3rd 1770
Died February 26th 1851

------------END TRANSCRIPT-------------------