West Bible

The New Devotional and Explanatory Pictorial
Family Bible. Published by the National Publishing
Co., Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis and Atlanta,

This Bible was in the possession of Tracy St. Claire
tracy@stclaire.org and I have scans. Bible was returned to direct descendants Kevin Olvaney
and family.

Note: misspellings (borned, Febuary, etc) are in the original.


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[Page One -- Marriage Certificate]

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated
between John P. West of Atlanticville, N.J. and Annie
Woolley of Ocean Port, N.J. on March the 14th 1880 at
Long Branch by F. A. Morrell Minister of the Gospell
Witness Mary Morrell Witness F.A. Morrell Jr.

[Page Two -- Marriages]

On March 14th 1880 was joined together John P. West of
Atlanticville and Miss Annie Woolley of Ocean Port, N.J.

On October 2, 1901 Leona West of North Long Branch and
Allen K. Adams of Newark were made husband and wife.

On June 10, 1905 Edmund West of North Long Branch
and Olive Winters of Mattewan New York were made
husband and wife.

On October 2, 1912 John R. West and Edna T. Jackson
of Matteawan New York where joined in the bonds of

[Page Three -- Births]

John P. West was borned the 30th of July In the year of our Lord

Annie Woolley was borned the 25 of June In the year of our Lord

Leona D. West was Borned 7th of January 1880

Hartley R. West was Borned 5th of November 1883

Edmund T. West was Borned 29th June 1885

Lucy West was Borned March 23 1888

John R. West Borned Febuary 23 1890

Madalin West Borned October 1 1891

Cecil Victor West Born June 23, 1896

Kenneth Duguid Adams Born May 23 1904

J. Francis Gaughan August 30 1917

Elinor M. West Aug 16 1922

Douglas R. West Born Feb 15 1920

Doris B. Decamp Aug. 15 1923

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Lucy West Gaughan Died Apr. 19 -- 1924

John P. West Died Apr. 9 -- 1927

Herbert West " June 10 -- 1926

Dorothy West age 3 -- 1914

Jean Marie Adams daughter of Leona died Sept. 9 1918

Clifford West, died Jan. 5 1908

Willie Woolley Borned 1869 - died March '76

Lewie Woolley - Borned 1870 - died 1876

Edna Jackson West, born Aug 1889 -- died Dec 21, 1932

Allan K. Adams Born 1877 - died Apr. 20, 1935

Mae F. West born April 9/1884 Died Nov 30/1952

Olive West born Jan 31/1881 Died Jan 18/1953

Annie W. West born 6/25/1859 Died 10/22/1950

[Page Five -- Memoranda]

Allan Kerr Adams born April 26 1877

Ella Dangler Dec 22 1901


On June 18, 1913, Madalin West of North Long Branch,
and Mont DeCamp of Long Branch were made husband
+ wife

On February 14 1917 Lucy West of No L B was married
to Frank Gaughan of Newark N.J.

On August 22, 1921 -- Cecil V. West of N.L.B. + Ella
M. Dangler of Long Branch were made husband + wife.

On Jan. 25 1906 Raymond West of N.L.B. + Delia
Boa of Long Branch were made husband + wife.

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