West Bible

This Bible was obtained at auction and is currently in the
possession of Tracy St. Claire, . tracy@stclaire.org

It is missing the title page, but the New Testament
title page identifies this as an American Bible Society
edition of 1847.

There are several pages of genealogy on pages
manually glued inside the Bible, and several more
loosely inserted along with them. The loosely
inserted pages appear to be from other writers,
perhaps mailed to the keeper at his or her request.
One writer tells the recipient "you will have a life
job on your hand", referring to the collection of
genealogy, I suppose. Many pages have the names
witten in one hand and pen, and the dates filled in by
another, with many left blank.


----------Transcript begins here--------------------

[on last page of Malachi]

Julius Lehman Died 1864 Aged 27

[Page One -- Family Record]

Joseph C. West Born April 17th, 1819

Lucinda C West Born November 9th, 1821

Phebe A. West Born December 29th, 1844

Edward Dennis West Born February 16th, 1851

Matthew Wallace West Born July 10th, 1854

[Page Two -- Unlabeled]

Harriet Maria West Born August 10th, 1856

Ella Emma West Born October 13th, 1858

Viola West Born July 5th, 1861

Vilette West Born July 5th, 1861

Abby Hoppock Born Feb 2nd 1836

William Wallace West Born Sept 30th 1868

Clara Jane West Born September 5th 1870

Myrtle C. Winchell Born August 1st, 1877

[Page Three -- Unlabeled]

Joseph C. West Married to Lucinda McDonald
October 18th 1843

Joseph C. West Married to Abby Hoppock
November 7th, 1867

Hiram P. Winchell married to Phebe A. West
Feb 1st 1868

Edward D. West married to Mrs. Katie Jones
September 16th 1877

Ella E. West married to Frank Turner Apr 28th

Hattie M West married to Robert H. Williams
May 1st 1887

[Page Four -- Unlabeled]

Matthew West died July 24th, 1852

Matthew Wallace West died November 14th, 1855

Viola West Died September 26th, 1861

Vilette West Died October 16th, 1861

Lucinda C. West Died Jan. 6th 1865

Abby West Died Feb 1st 1877

Joseph C. West Died Feb 17th 1883

[Page One of Inserted Pages]


Myrtie C. Winchell born Aug. 1st 1877

Mabel Frances Turner Born Sept 21st 1888

Merle H. Williams Born Oct. 30th 1888

Joseph David West Born Sept 27th 1879

Clarence E. West Born April 2 1882

Ada E. West Born Apr 2 1885

Phebie A. Winchell died Feb 3d 1887

[Page Two of Inserted Pages]

William Wallace West married to Lillian Dexter
June 28-1890

Neva West Born

Cyril West "

Neva West married to &C &C

births of her children if she has any. You will have
a life job on your hands you'll if you carry it all out
"ad-libitum" (I guess that's Latin)

I could not think of the Babbler twins name - the living
one Isn't it Wilfred?

[Page Three of Inserted Pages]


Merle H. Williams born Oct 30th 1888

Myron R Williams born June 23. 1898

Joseph David West born Sept 27 - 1879

Clarence -- West born Apr 2-1882 died Feb 12 1945

Ada Ethel West born Apr 2-1885 died May 12 -1935

Florence -- West born Mar. 5 - 1890 died " 24 1896

Mabelle Turner born

Burdette -- Durst born

Roy Babbler May 1 1911 born died

Elman " Apr 24, 1912 "

Wilburt " Feb. 12, 1914 " Jan. 1915

Gilbert " " 12, 1914 "

Lois Pauline Porter " May 1st 1912


Clara J. West married to Will A Durst June 6th 1893

Clarence West married to Emma Stauffacher Feb 12 1907

Ada Ethel West married to Fred Babbler Jan 11 1910

Merle H. Williams, married to Edwin E Porter July 19th 1911


Ella Emma Turner died Apr. 1910

Florence - West " Mar. 24 -- 1896

Wilbur - Babbler " ? Feb 12 --

[Page Four of Inserted Pages]

George West Triphenia- { Matthew West -- Scific N.Y. -- died
July 24, 1852 Phebe Bowen born Apr. 24 1792 Brant N.Y.
died Aug. 21 - 1847

Joseph C. West - born Apr. 17 1819 -- died Feb 17 1883
Lucinda McDonald .. Nov. 9th 1821 " Jan. 6 - 1865
married Oct. 18th 1843

Joseph C West
Abby Hoppock born Feb. 2 - 1836 - died Feb. 1 -1877
married Nov. 7, 1867

Edward West - died Nov. 14 - 1934
Ada West Babler " May 12- 1935
William West " July 10 - 1936
Clara Durst - " Jan. 23 - 1946