Wheeler Bible

This Bible was contributed by Marilyn McGuire (moomc@comcast.net).

"This Bible was originally the property of Joshua Romans Wheeler and Kezia
Pack Wheeler. It was passed onto my Great-great grandfather George
Washington Wheeler and his wife Mary Ellen Davis, who then passed it onto my
great grandmother, Nettie Clay Wheeler. She in turn gave it to my father,
who gave it to me."


The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:
Translated out of the original Greek,
and with the former translations diligently compared and revised
Canne's Marginal References.
The text corrected according to the standard of the American Bible Society.
with beautiful illistrations.
Silas Andrus and son
[Title page]

George Pack was borned May 19, 1796
deceased on the 15th day of April 1864

Sarah Pack his wife was borned January 10 1802
deceased on the 3 day Jan. 1869

Kezia Bell Wheeler was borned July 1st, 1864

William M. Wheeler was borned June 24 day in the year of our lord 1867
deceased 5 sept. 1898

Calista Alice Wheeler was borned 28 day of February 1870
Died on the 14 day of July 1890

sarah Ann Wheeler was born Novbr. 25th 1852

Milton H. Wheeler was born January 10th 1854
Milton H. Wheeler died Decbr. 17th 1855

Joseph Wheeler was born Decbr. 21 1854
Joseph Wheeler died Decbr. 24th 1854

John J. Wheeler was borned July 24 1858
John J. Wheeler died April 15 1862

Corrella Elizabeth Wheeler was borned Sept. 8th 1860

Jemima Naoma Wheeler was born June the 28 1862
Deceased 19 day of february 1908

James H. Wheeler was born Augst. 23rd 1799
& deceased May 20 at 12 o'clock 1873

Elizabeth Wheeler his wife was born Novbr 12th 1800
& deceased Sept. the 12 day in morning 1858

Joshua R. Wheeler was born Augst. 24th 1823
Died Jan 1, 1913(1903)

Kezia Wheeler his wife was born July 19th 1822
deceased 30 day of May 1900

Henderson L. Wheeler was born april 14, 1846

James M. Wheeler was born February 14th 1848
Died 1904

George W. Wheeler was born May 23rd 1850
Died Mar. 1934

James H. Wheeler and Elizabeth Remy were married on the 13th of March in the
year of our lord 1816

Joshua R. Wheeler and Kezia Pack were married on the 26th of May in the year
of our Lord 1844

George Pack and Sarah Lain were married sep 25 1818

Jos M. Wheeler was married Oct. 20 1876

Geo W. Wheeler was married July 20 (19) 1876

Elizabeth C Wheeler was married 5 of April 1877

Jemima N Wheeler was married sept 5 1877

Kezia bell Wheeler was married Feb. 16 1879

Sarah A. Wheeler was married 1869