White Bible Pages

These pages were separated from the Bible, and the New
Testament title page was still with these pages. They were
purchased along with another set of CRANE family Bible
, and a NSDAR certificate for Caroline Chester
Knickerbocker Porter from 1937.

The Comparative New Testament, both The King James'
Version of 1611 abd the Revised Version of 1881 in Parallel
Columns -- no publisher noted

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[The two pages below are side by side. The first date is the birth date,
the second date is the marriage date, and the place name is place of

Father Elijah E White March 15, 1858 June 20, 1887 near Tavistock, England
Mother Fannie Bickel May 3, 1864 " " " Elizabethville, Penna
Children Julia Catherine April 20, 1889 Mt Carmel, Penna
Edward Elijah April 27, 1893 Mt Carmel, Penna

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------