Whitham Bible

The Illustrated Polyglot Family Bible, Philadelphia,
National Publishing Company, 1869.

This book is in good shape, but the cover has
detached and the leather is drying. Rebound,
it would be near perfect--very little foxing,
tissues and etchings all intact.

Included with this Bible was a unlabelled cabinet
card (possibly albumen) of a young man, and
a page out of a book with a photo labelled
"First Baptist Church, Binghamton, N.Y.,
Before the Fire."

Currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One, Marriages]

Jabez Whitham was Married to Susan Martin Nov 13th
AD 1844

Susan M. Whitham was Married to Geo Collington

Martin J. Whitham was Married to Harriett M. Guy
Jan 5th AD 1869

Martin J. Whitham was Married to Amelia Bailey
March 8- 1894

[Page Two -- Births]

Jabez Whitham was born Nov 23rd AD 1820

Susan Martin was born Sept 12th AD 1824

Martin Jabez Whitham was born Aug 22nd AD 1845

Myron W. Whitham was born March 17th AD 1849

Harriett Mary Guy was born Oct 26th AD 1842

Lou Maud Whitham was born Nov 17th AD 1870

Frankie May Whitham was born Aug 3rd AD 1872

Grace Anna Whitham was born Nov 2nd AD 1875

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Jabez Whitham Died May 23rd AD 1852 aged 31 years
and 6 mo

Myron W. Whitham Died Jan 4th AD 1863 aged 13
years and 9 months

Susan Whitham Collington Died Oct 2nd AD 1874
aged 50 years and 10 days

Harriett Mary Guy Whitham Died Oct 2nd AD 1889
aged 46 years 11 month & 7 days

[Page Four -- Memoranda]


[Page Five -- Inserted Transcript]

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