Wildman Bible

Main Title Page missing. Below copied from OT.
The Old Testament Translated Out of the Original
Hebrew, Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1812. Hills #208,
I think.

This Bible is in good condition, with the original
binding still intact, but holding on with one string.
All pages prior to the OT title page are missing.

The question marks below represent many words that I
cannot interpret. Please view the scans and make your
own guesses.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,



-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Paper Taped Inside Front Cover]

This Bible was purchased by my Father the late Zalmon Wildman
sometime during the War with Great Britain from 1812 to 1815
of one George Weller who kept a Book store and bindery in the
North Corner of the Old Shop which stood on the North West
corner of the home lot adjoining Mr Friend Starrs -- I must then
have been 8 or 10 years of age -- I recollect seeing my Father carry
the Bible into the house, and hearing him exchange some pleasant
words with Doctr Comstock from the stoop of the house. I believe
that they were both always on friendly terms (personally) but
politically opposed.

Mr. Weller was then preparing for the Episcopal Ministry with the
Revd Reuben Hubbard who died a year or two since in Yonkers,
N.Y. and became a preacher, and died many years since in one of the
Southern States (I believe in Kentucky).

Ap 22d 1862 F. D. Wildman

[Page Two -- Page Taped Before Family Record. It is labelled
"Memorandum from Old Bible" on reverse, and is in the same
paper and handwriting as the page inside the front cover]

Memorandum from Old Bible

Memorandum of the age of sundrie People

Ye Samuel Hutton was born to James and Mary Hutton in Charlestown
in the year 1718 March the 13

Rebecca the first Wife to Samuel Hutton was born John and Reliance
Prince at Barnstable in the year 1720 August 20

Rebecca Hutton was born to Samuel and Rebecca Hutton March the 8th
1747 [next in pencil, later] MARRIED Nehemiah Dibble

Mary Hutton was born in the year 1754 May the 24

Samuel Hutton Jr was born in the year 1757 Feby the 20

Samuel Hutton died in Stamford in the year 1790

Rebecca Dibble died in Danbury in the year 1816 Jany 27 aged
68 years [next in pencil, later] mother of Mary

Nehemiah Dibble died Octr 15th 1820 aged 78 years [next in pencil,
later] father of Mary

Orris Hutton Dibble died in Sandy Hill August the 12th 1834

Walter Dibble died in Mississippi Jany 30th 1843

The above is copied from an old family Bible of the late Nehemiah

[Page Three -- Marriages]

Zalmon Wildman and Mary Dibble married January 16th 1798

Ezra M. Starr and Harriet Wildman were married September
26th 1820

Frederick S. Wildman and Julia Ann Starr married June 20th 1827

Nathan Starr and Mary Wildman married June 23rd 1829

[Page Four -- Births]

[Written in pencil] Children of Nathan Starr and Mary Wildman
daughter of Zalmon my gt Aunt

Nathan Seymour Starr was born July 19th 1830 [rest in pencil]
Yale 1849, NYC Merchant, ?? ??NJ M 1851 Clara White of
NH & Mary Wildman ? 1852

Harriet Wildman Starr was born May 6th 1833 [rest in pencil]
M Wm Fredk Barry NY??

Zalmon Wildman Starr was born June 10th 1836 [rest in pencil]
d 1857

Mary Elizabeth Starr was born Oct 10th 1839 [rest in pencil]
M Wm Settle Atty in NYC ? ?, F W Starr

Frederick Augustus Starr was born April 24th 1842 [rest in
pencil] d 1872, NYC

[Page Five, Deaths]

Horatio Wildman died November 8th 1816

Harriet Wildman Starr died January 26th 1822

Zalmon Wildman died December 10th 1835 ? in his 61st year

Mary W. Starr died April 30th 1842

Mary D. Wildman died Aug 7th 1856

George Hoyt Wildman died Aug 9th 1848 aged

Ezra M. Starr died Octr 4th 1866 aged 73 yrs

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------