Willmarth Bible

This family record was found with many notes, obituaries and
another Bible record on the Wilmarth family.

It is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire and was
transcribed by Tara Hawkins.

These Bible pages are not with the Bible, so they cannot be
identified as to publication date. However, these pages are very
distinct, and the engravings are consistent with Bibles published
in Brattleborough Vermont in the late 1820's and early 1830s.

There is whole book of this genealogist's notes and other newspaper
clippings and such. I will digitize the rest as I have time.



[Page One -- Births]

Names Births Deaths
Asa Willmarth Jun May 18 1776 Oct 18 1869
Chloe Smith Nov 9 1777 March 20 1864
They were married March 29 1798    
Amos Smith Willmarth Aug 13 1798 April 3d 1835
Allen Willmarth Nov 13 1800 Oct 2nd 1881
Russel Willmarth Feb 3d 1803 Feb 29 1804
Ephraim Willmarth Dec 13 1804 Jan 29 1823
Chloe Willmarth Nov 22 1806 Nov 6th 1831
Orissa Willmarth Sept 9 1809 Nov 17 1847
Henry Willmarth June 25 1812 Jan 24th 1894
Rachael Melissa Willmarth July 14 1814  
A Daughter Oct 18 1816 " " "
Truman W. Jones a son
of Truman and Orissa Jones
Apr 24 1847  


[Page Two -- Marriages]

Children's Marriages    
Names Month-Day Year
Amos Smith Willmarth &
Lockey Post were married
Jan 5 1826
Allen Willmarth &
Demira Clark were married
Jan 28 1828
Chloe Willmarth was married
To Elisha R. Wright MD
Aug 27 1829
Henry Willmarth &
Mary Hanks
July 14 1844
Rachael Melissa Willmarth
Was married to Reuben Hanks
Orissa Willmarth was
Married to Truman Jones
Oct 24 1845


[Obituary of George Willmarth]

[Obituary of Asa Willmarth]