Wilson Bible

The Bible is The Holy Bible, containing The Old and New Testaments,
with Original Notes, Practical Observations and Chronological
Tables in Three Volumes.

By Thomas Scott, D.D.

Published by William Woodward, Philadelphia, 1816

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, , tracy@stclaire.org

Transcript follows. There are many very light entries that
cannot be read. There is also what is apparently a deathbed
letter to her children by Nancy Wilson, which she had
professionally typeset and placed in this Bible.

The LDS site places the marriage of John Wilson
and Jane Dick in Butler, Ohio.

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[page one]

John and ?? Wilson was ?? March 22nd 1814

John Wilson and Jane Dick were Married on the 22nd of
December 1814

John W. Shields and Martha Wilson were Married on the 8 of
October 1835

Harvey Evans and [Married on --crossed out TSC] Eliza Wilson
were married on the 27th of August 1844

Joseph W. Shields and Mary Wilson were Married on the 30th
of October 1846

John Wilson and Mary Bowers were Married on the [rest left blank TSC]

Cornelius C. Corkins and Jane Wilson were Married on the
19th of December 1849

Thomas N. Burton and Nancy Wilson were Married on the 11th
of June 1850 [of Parke, IN TSC]

Isaac B. Hedges and Susan Wilson were Married on the 9th
of October 1851

Milton ? Hedges and Sarah A. Wilson April 20, 1863 [Verm, IN TSC]

[page two]

John Wilson was born November 6th, 1784

Jane Wilson was born November 1st (?) 1793


Martha born October 3rd A.D. 1816

Nancy born February 6th, A.D. 1819

Mary born January 31st A.D. 1821

John born March 10th A.D. 1823

Eliza Wilson born AD [rest left blank TSC]

Eliza Wilson born 15th June 1825

Jane Wilson born 14th September 1827

Susan Wilson born 20th October A.D. 1829

Margaret Wilson born 28th December 1831

Samuel Wilson was born 24 June 1834

Sarah Wilson was born 15th September 1836

[page three]

Margaret Wilson died 7th August 1832 aged 7 months and 10 days

Samuel Wilson Died 4 August 1835 aged 13 months and 11 days

John Wilson senior Died 24th October 1853 Aged 69 years

Jane Wilson Died November ?? Aged 82 years

Martha Shields Died 1 September 1894 aged 77 years eleven months

John Wilson Died June 14 1895 aged 73

Martha Shields Died Sept 1 1893 [sic, see above entry]

Nancy Burton Died May 20, 1900

Mary Shields Died June 23 1900

Eliza Evans Died September 171908 age 82 years

Susan Hedges - Aug 4 1910

Sarah Hedges - June 11 1912

Jane Corkins - June 22 1912

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