Wilson Bible Book

Home Worship and The Use of the Bible in the Home,
New York, A.C. Armstrong and Son, 1882. The
handwriting on the pages is very small and crowded; please
double-check with the scans before using this information.
Usually I am fairly confident of my transcripts, but
in this case the writing is so tight and complex. PLEASE
check the scans.

WARNING--These files are really big because the print was

so small.

This Bible is currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire


This Bible was returned to descendants from whom it
had been stolen.



[Page One -- Genealogy Ancestry of Parents]


Samuel Wilson (EBW. g g g f) came from Ireland-
Scotland 1738. Settled in Hardyston Twp, Sussex Co.
His brother settled in Wantage. Buried near Papakating
Cemetary. Soldier in Revolution.

Samuel Wilson (EBW g.g.f) Born in H. Twp. Buried
Papakating Cem. Married a ??.

Thos. L. Wilson (ERW g.f.) Born in H. Twp. Buried in
Papakating Cem. Married Abigal Beardsley.

Thos. Blaine Wilson (EBW f) Born in H. Twp. Sussex Co.
Married Emma Van Horton.

William Ellis Wilson (Buried Cedar Lain. Patersen)
Emma Blaine Wilson Born in Patersen N.J. (born in Patersen

Thos Blaine (EBW gggf) had brother Wm who had son
J.G. Blaine

Beardslee (EBW gggm)
Hannah Beardslee (EBW ggm) HB went west in '40s,
settled near Lansing, Mich

Abigal Beardslee Wilson (gm) Buried in Papakating Cem

Beardslee family buried mostly in Papakating cemetery, 1 mi
from Sussex, N.J.


Peter Van Horton (EBW gf)
Jane Christie ( " gm)
Emma Van Horton ( " m) Tremont, N.Y.

[Page Two -- Family Record -- Births]

Family Record of
Thomas Blaine Wilson
Born Aug 4 1847 at "old Homestead" Hardyston Twp,
Sussex Co., N.J.
Married Sept 17 1873 Patersen, N.J.


Emma Van Horton
Born Sept 17, 1853 at Tremont, N.Y.


Samuel Beardsley born July 19 1771 in Newburgh N.Y.

Hannah Blaine Born in Sussex Co. in N.J. w of Samuel Beardsley

Austin Beardsley (Augustin) Feb 9 1726 Ripton (?? Huntington)

Ann Canfield (wife of Austin Beardsley) born Mar 3, 1735 in
New Milford Conn.

Wilson Samuel Feb 18 1777

(Wilson) Martha Coe Feb 2 1770


Wilson Thos. L.
Hardyston Twp Sussex
Dec 28 1809

Wilson Thos. Blaine
" "
Aug 4 1847

Wilson Emma Blaine
Patersen, N.J.
Nov 5, 1875

Wilson William Ellis
" "
June 8 - 1878

Abigail Beardsley (Wilson)
Hardyston Twp
June 13 - 1808

Peter Van Horton
Little Falls, N.J.
May 14 - 1816

Jan Christie (Van Horten) Kipp
New York City
Jan 26, 1820

Ellen Van Horten Coley Brush
" "
Mar 6, 1838

John Van Horton
" "
May 4, 1840

Euphemia Van Horton (Van Buren)
" "
May 17, 1845

George Van Horton
" "
June 1, 1856

Emma Van Horton (Wilson)
Tremont, N.Y. C.
Sept 17, 1853

Kipp Hannah Christie
May 18, 1861

Wilson Edward
Hardyston Twp Sussex
Aug 14, 1830

Wilson Samuel
" "
Jan 21 1833

Wilson Mary A.
" "
Sept 1831

Wilson Sarah Ellinor
" "
Nov 6, 1844

Wilson Sarah Leport
" "
July 29, 1851

Geo Christie
Sept 21 1870

Lewis Anderson Christie
Sept 23, 1872

Seymour John Sherwood Rush
Crystal Lake, N.J.
Aug 23, 1925

Adell White Adams Wadsworth
Hardyston Twp Sus
Nov 11, 1870

Abigail Adams Lee Sombre
June 27, 1896

[Page Three -- Marriages]

Pastor of Methodist Ch Cross ?? eng

Austin (Augustin) Beardsley married Ann Canfield
New Milford, Conn

Samuel Beardsley to Hannah Blaine Sussex Co N.J.
Oct. 15, 1796

Samuel Wilson = Coe Hardyston Twp Sussex N.J.

Thos. L. Wilson 21 yrs = Abigail Beardsley 20 yrs
beux en hair " North Church 1830 Sussex Co.

Thos. Blaine Wilson = Emma Van Horton Patersen
N.J. Sept. 18, 1873

Thos. Blaine = Beardslee (Probably Warwick)
[This entire entry was crossed out]

Peter Van Horton = Jane Christie N.Y. Rev.
Demaresh Apr 6, 1838

Ellen Van Horton = John Coley Jan 11, 1855

E.V.H. Coley = Peter Rush Dec 31, 1885

Euphemia Van Horton = Theo Van Buren, Patersen
N.J. Apr 18 1866

Geo. Van Horton = Anna Sept. 14, 1878

Isabella Coley = Edwin Taneman Apl 25, 1875

Jennie Van Buren = W.T. Woodley, Jersey City, N.J.
Jan. 28, 1895

Jas. A. Kipp = Jane Van Horton, Apl 26 1860

Geo. Christie to Martha Anderson, Ch Redeemer, N.Y.
Oct 7, 1868

E. V. Wilson to Rebecca Cox Vernon, Sussex Co., N.J.
Oct 25 1856

" " " to Mrs. Mary Adams of Unionville, N.Y. Mar 7, 1872

Saron Lepert Wilson to Anna May McVeek of Hamburg,
N.J. Sept. 30, 1871

Mary Ann Wilson to Park Adams of Hamburg N.J.
Nov. 24, 1858

Marie Edna Woodley to Edwin Heltrick Harnes [??]
New York City, Mar 20, 1915

Alda Beardsley White and Roy McCloud, June 25, 1921

Edna M.C. Green to Seymour Sherwood Rush, Upper
Hamburg, N.J. Feb 22 1924

Lillian Mary Bell to Walter Clifford Woodley, New York
City, Apl 17, 1923

Alice Mary Ross to David [??] Greene, Crystal Lake, N.J.
Mar 13 1932

Mrs. Josephine Williams + Aliah [??] Clark, Wertown [??]
N.Y. Apr 20, 1935

[Page Four -- Deaths]

Samuel Beardley died 1837 at Sparta, Sussex Co. N.J.

Hannah Blaine his wife died Sussex Co N.J. Sept 10 1873

Austin (Augustine) Beardsley died in Sussex Co father of
Samuel Beardsley above


Wilson Samuel
Feb 18 1777

Coe Martha Wilson
Feb 15 1844

Decline, heart failure
Wilson Thomas L.
July 23, 1870

Wilsons buried in Papakating Cemetary + Hamburg N.J.

Abigail Beardsley Wilson
Dec 6 1873

Peter Van Horten
New York Hackensack, N.J.
Mar 29, 1857
40 yrs, 10-15

Buried Sand Hill Hackensack
Jane Christie (Van Hor-)
M. Main St. Patersen, N.J.
Mar 11, 1872

Ellen Van Horten Cooley Rush
Jersey City, N.J.
Mar 7, 1901

John Van Horten
Jersey City, N.J.
Nov 29, 1900

Comitted Suicide
George Van Horten
Laurel Pine Patersen, N.J.
June 4, 1900

Appendicitis, perotinitis
William Ellis Wilson
Patersen, N.J.
Feb. 5 1897

George Christie
Wallkill, N.J.
Oct. 8 1903
4 hrs, 23 min

Jacob Christie
Erie, Pa.

Alice Christie
New York City
Jan. 22, 1904

Kipp Hannah C.
June 15, 1864
3-28 days

Graves [??] Disease
Wilson Leport
Newbury, N.Y.
Mar 18, 1901

Wilson Mary Adams
Deckerton, N.Y.
Mar 2, 1900

Dropsey and heart failure
Wilson Edward
Unionville, N.Y.
Apl 30, 1905

Martha Christie
New York (?)
Jan 7, 1895
wife Geo Christie

Sarah Elinor Wilson
at Mrs. Addison Clark (Mary J and Cassey) Sussex, N.J.
Jan 19, 1917
72 yrs 2 mo 12 days
Buried at Papakating Cemetary

Benjamin Christie [with someting illegible in parenthesis]
Jan 28 1917

Heart Disease
Thos Blaine Wilson
Hawthorne, N.J.
Nov 30, 1919

Emeline Knapp Williams
Wallkill, N.Y.
Jan. 21, 1918
89 years
Wallkill Cemetary

Heart Disease
Euphemia Van Horten Van Buren
Jersey City, N.J.
Jan 31, 1923
77 yr 6m 14 d

Alda Beardsley White McCloud
Buried Hamburg ?? ?? 11/11/23 + died Libertyville, N.J.
Nov 6, 1923
21 years
Childbirth and appendicitis

Tuck Delia
Jersey City
Nov 26, 1923

Christie Wallace M
Jan 31, 1907

Clark Bell Coley
Jersey City
Nov 10, 1925
Pneumonia, Kidney

Harry Beardsley White
Libertyville, N.J. Sussex
Apr 22, 1926

John Caskey White
Libertyville, N.J. Sussex same house
July 16, 1926

Marie Van Horten Freestone
Patersen June 8, 1927
Laurel Grove

Frank Paulman
Easton, Pa.
July 11, 1929

Sarah Ida White wife of Harry B. White
Libertyville, Sussex Co., N.J.
Oct 28, 1930
56 Deckerton Cemetary
Brights Disease [??]

Matthew Tuck
200 Wegenen Parkway J City
July 1932
35 [other words illegible]
motorcycle accident

Jennie Clark [other words illegible]
Sussex N.J.
48 yrs

Broken Hip, Dropsy, [illegible word]
Emma Van Horton Wilson
227 Lafayette Ave Hawthorne N.J.
Dec 31, 1935
82 3 mos 14 days
Cedar Lawn Cemetary

Henrietta C. Warner Parmley
Margate City, N.J.
Apl 10, 1940
Heart Attack
Buried Laurel Ceme

Jennie Edna Woodley died Aug 31, 1944
and buried temp. [??] at Kern Dale
Cemetary Johnstown, N.Y. Anemia

Samuel P. Wilson died 6/22/45
Pneumonia, Sussex, N.J.
Hardyston Cemetary

[Page Five -- Deaths]

Emma V. Cox Wilson Morrow died Aug 3, 1944
Internment Papakating

Hattie Wilson Leake died Aug 13, 1946 at
Springfield Ills of coronary thrombosis

Stamminger Sulu (nee Tanhman) [if I got any of those
right I'd be surprised, very ambiguous handwriting!]
died April 11, 1948 in Jersey City, N. J. of Broncho
Pneumonia due to heart disease

Adelle Wadsworth New Milford, Pa. June 1948

-----------END TRANSCRIPT------------------