Davis Bible

This Bible was purchased on eBay. I am not
related to the family.

This Bible is in great shape, because it has been
rebound along the way.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments.
Philadelphia, Printed and Published by Mathew Carey.

In the Bible is a letter dated October 10th, '67.
It looks to be 1867 due to the handwriting.

Internet sources place these families in Massachusetts.

Currently in possession of Tracy St. Claire, , tracy@stclaire.org



[Page One, Letter]

Oct 10th "67

Dear Niece,

Pleas Perhaps you would like to hear a word from us, we
are getting along much as usual I have been quite unwell
but am better your uncle is not as well as he was last
season has not been able to do but very little work
fo more than two months we are in hopes that he is
rather gaining --- one object I have in writing at this time
is to request you to send me your family record and that
of your daughter I have lately had a letter from your
cousin Rev. E. U. Allen wishing further information
repecting the descendance of the Allen family he is now
settled in Haverhill Mass. his time has been so much
ocupied since his removal that he has not gone on
very much with his history but is now trying to proceed.
when you get your letter wrote perhaps you had better
come and bring it I have looked for you but have not
seen you

I now close with love to all
P. Guild

[Page Two, Family Record Marriages]

John Winch
Born March 17th 1768

Olive Winch wife of
John Winch
Born Sept. 8th 1772

Silas Davis born June 11, 1776

Dolly Davis born May 15 1783

John Winch and Olive Davis were married
Jan 21st 1793

Silas Davis and Dolly Davis were married
May 7, 1806

Samuel Davis and Olive Pollard were
married Nov 22 1771

[Page 3, Family Record Births]

The children of Samuel and Olive Davis are
as follows:

Olive Davis born Sept 8th 1772 [Winch
pencilled in as a married name]

Betsy Davis born June 27th 1774 [Greenwood
pencilled in as a married name]

Samuel Davis born Sept. 4th 1776

Paul Davis born March 14th 1779

Ephraim Davis born May 18th 1781

Dolly Davis born May 15th 1783

A Daughter Sept 14th died Oct 6

Lucy Davis born Aug 28th 1786 [Shallor
pencilled in as a married name]

Sally Davis born Sept. 24th 1789

Nancy Davis born Sept. 21 1795

The children of Silas and Dolly Davis are
as follows

Samuel Davis born Jan 26th 1807

William W. Davis born Feb 3 1809

Olive Davis born May 25 1811

Dolly Davis born May 23 1813

John Davis born May 24 1816

Danforth Davis born Nov 23 1818 [corrected to 1819]

Charles Davis born Feb 10 1822

George Davis born Sept 13 1828

[Page Four, Deaths]

Samuel Davis. Died Sept 14th 1800

Olive Davis wife of Samuel Davis
Died Feb. 8th 1807

John Winch Died Jan. 28th 1852

Olive Winch wife of John Winch Died
Oct. 24th 1856

[Page Five -- Deaths]

Silas died May 19th 1837

Olive Davis died Sept. 19th 1811

Charles Davis died Oct 18 1822

George Davis died May 4th 1860

Dolly D. Howard died Apr 26th 1862

Dolly Davis, wife of Silas Davis Died Nov. 14. 1877

John Davis Died March 15th 1890

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