Winter Bible

The English Version of the Polyglott Bible Containing
the Old and New Testaments. Boston, Charles Gaylord,
1840. Hills #1075

Something terrible happened to this family, in which
five of its children passed away in just one month in

The only hint as to the location of this family is a calling
card of W.H. Whitney, One Piece Clothier of Kingston, N.Y.
I assume this is the W.H. Whitney that married Marie
Winter below.

It was transcribed by and currently in the possession of
Tracy St. Claire. I am not a relative. 114 Hilltop Lane
Sleepy Hollow, IL 60118.


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[Page One -- Family Record Marriages]

Horace N. Winter and Elizabeth Mead October 13th 1839

Harrison Rogers Winter and Mary E. Parker Dec. 30th 1866

Daniel T. Winter and Susan Thompson June 28th 1867
[23rd written in pencil above '28th']

Ruth E. Winter and Orlando L. Newton May 12th 1868

Marie A. Winter and Wm. H. Whitney December 15th 1868

[Page Two -- Family Records Births]

Horace N. Winter February 18th 1812

Elizabeth Mead December 3rd 1820

Their Issue

Harrison R. Winter October 23rd 1840

Watson W. Winter September 17th 1842

Daniel T. Winter July 16th 1844

Marie Antoinette August 1st 1846

Ruth Elizabeth Oct. 6th 1848

Horace Newton Sept 2nd 1850

D. H. Olney Oct. 31st 1851

Jennie Josephine March 8th 1854

Emory Eugene Sept. 27th 1856

Stephen Mead Oct. 17th 1858

Charles Somers July 25th 1861

David Horatio April 11th 1864

[Page Three -- Family Records Deaths]

Emory E. Winter May 9th 1863

Stephen M. Winter May 14th 1863

Jennie J. Winter May 16th 1863

Horace N. Winter May 23rd 1863

Watson W. Winter June 10th 1863

David H. Winter April 16th 1864

Harrison R. Winter March 10th 1888

Charles S. Winter January 10th 1890

Elizabeth M. Winter June 28th 1890

Horace N. Winter August 7th 1895

Marie A. Whitney June 14th 1908

D.K. Olney Winter May 30th 1910

Ruth Elizabeth Winter " 1917

Daniel T. Winter Sept. 8th 1918

Daniel T. Winter Jr. 1933

Susie Winter 1929

Elizabeth M. Mason June 15 1952

Joseph C. Mason June 12 1963

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