Woelful Family Record

This book is a religious volume of some sort, meant for Catholics. The title
is Handpostille ober chriftkatholifches Unterrichts und Erbauungsbuch,
The C. Wildermann Co., New York. No copyright date but the latest mentioned
date in the volume's comments is 1899, so it must have been printed after
then. It is in fair condition, with many pages separated from the book.

Handpostille ober chriftkatholifches Title Page

I cannot transcribe most of these names and dates. The places mentioned
are Chilton and School Hill, which are in Calumet and Manitowoc counties
in Wisconsin (adjacent to each other).

There is a lot of stuff in this Bible, including flowers and paper items.
There is a card for Rosina Buschmann for some sort of religious event
on 7 April 1899. There is also a photograph of the Senate Chambers of
the Wisconsin State Capitol. Also, there is a card with a drawing of a
donkey, labelled "Be it ever so humble."

Mother's Casket Flowers

Transcribed (sort of) and in possession of Tracy St. Claire tracy@stclaire.org .
Book returned to descendant Robert Mulvanny (redandbon@comcast.net),
of Murietta, CA.



[Page One -- Front Flyleaf]

Woelful Family Record Page 1

John Woelful
Chilton, Wis.

[Page Two -- Family Register]

Woelful Family Record Page 2

?? Wölful
geboren ?? 27 Mai 1867
Sohn von Georg und Anna Wölful
und ?? ??
und Inn 12 ??zember 1868
Tochter von Johann [?] ??
und ?? ?? geb. 10
wurden getraut 10 Mai 1892
Zu School Hill


?? 19 Aug 1893
?? 23 Juli 1895
?? 26 ?? 1897
?? 2 ?? 1899
?? 7 Aug 1901
?? 7 ?? 1903
?? 25 June 1906

John 4 Aug 1912 [I think this is a death]

[Pages Three and Four]

Woelful Family Record Page 3 Woelful Family Record Page 4

These appear to repeat the same entries as the earlier
page -- at least the years are the same. The only
English entry is as follows:

Clarence died June 20 1926.