Wood Bible


WOOD Family Bible

Date submitted : 12 May 1994
Submitted by : Kathy Witheridge
343 Bright Street
Ontario. N7T 4G5

Property of : Mrs. Marguerite Tomblin
W262 Vicki Avenue
Hayden Lake
North Idaho
USA. 83835

Bible Name : The Wood Family Bible

Surnames in this Bible :

[ The Wood Family Bible was in possession of the Wood
family, Florence Mabel Witheridge, born Mar 16, 1876,
daughter of John and Mariam Witheridge (see Witheridge
Family Bible), married Thomas Bramwell Wood on
Nov 14, 1906 ]

William Wood - born Feb 15, 1844 at Eccleshill,
Yorkshire, England.

Sarah Ann Heaton, his wife, born Jun 26, 1844 at
Harworth, Yorkshire, England. They were married at
Bradford Parish Church on Jun 9, 1866.

The children of the above marriage:

Ella Louise Wood born at Langcliff, near Settle,
Yorkshire, England, Aug 7, 1869.

Frederick William Wood born at Middlestown, near
Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, Sept 8, 1871 -
christened at the Chrich there.

Rebecca Heaton Wood born at Bretton West, near
Wakefield, Feb 24, 1875 - christened at Methodist
Chappel, Dirtcar, Wakefield.

Kate Wood born Sept 21, 1877 at Crigglestone, near

The Wood family came from England to Manitoba, April
1889. Entered North Dakota, September 1889, at Woodbridge,
North Dakota.

Marriages of the Wood Family

Ella Louise Wood to Charles E. Freeman both of
Woodbridge, Cavalier County, North Dakota, married
at Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Jun 13, 1893.

Rebecca Heaton Wood to William R. Plummer both of
Woodbridge, North Dakota, Jan 12, 1898.

Frederick William Wood married to Annetta Cummings
both of Woodbridge, North Dakota, at Langdon, North
Dakota, Sept 14, 1900.

John Travers Wood married to Margaret O Deil Thompson,
both of Couer d'Arlene, Idaho, Jun 5, 1907.

Thomas Bramwell Wood married to Mabel Florence Witheridge
both of Woodbridge, North Dakota, married at Crystal City,
Manitoba, Nov 14, 1906.

Deaths of the Wood Family

Kate Wood died at Calder Grove, near Wakefield, Oct 28,
1877, buried at Sandal Parish Church, near Wakefield,
Yorkshire England.

William Wood died at Sarles, North Dakota, Mar 17, 1912,
Interred at Sarles Cemetery, Mar 21, 1912.

Sarah Ann Heaton Wood his wife, died at Sarles, North
Dakota, Apl 12, 1926, Interred at Sarles Cemetery, April
14, 1926.

Frederick William Wood died at Chicage, Ill, Mar 4, 1949,
was interred at Mount Hope Cemetery, Chicago, Ill, Mar 9,

John Travers Wood died at Couer d'Alene, Idaho, Nov 2,
1954, interred at Forest Cemetery, Couer d'Alene, Idaho,
Nov 4, 1954.

Ella Loiusa Wood Freeman died at Detroit Michigan, Oct 11,
1960, interred in Sarles, North Dakota, Cemetery Oct 15,

Thomas Bramwell Wood died at Couer d'Alene May 23, 1964,
interred at Forest Cemetery, Couer d'Alene, Idaho, May 26,

Rebecca Heaton Wood Plummer died at Sarles or Devils Lake,
North Dakota, Nov 8, 1964.