Woodruff Family Papers

This page may have once been in a Bible, or perhaps
was just written on paper.

The paper is breaking apart and was ripped, removing
part of the first birth record.

Tobias Woodruff was found as a farmer in Van Wert
County, Ohio, in the 1880 census.

This document is in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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Mahala S. Woodruff was born August 30 184(X) [rip removed last part]

Maria Woodruff was born January 28 1843

Troy Woodruff was born February 14 1845

James Manning Woodruff was born April 3 1847

Washington Woodruff was born February 18 1849

Samantha Rachel Woodruff was born April 24 1851

William Piereen [?? illegible] Woodruff was born February 22 1854

Susan Woodruff was born May 11th 1856

William P. Woodruff departed this life April 11 1857 aged
3 years one month and 20 days

Tobias Kirkdreft [?? illegible] Woodruff was born November 20

Susan Woodruff departed this life September 20 1860 aged
4 years 4 months 9 days

Jules C. Woodruff and Mary Smith was married April 30 1841

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