Woodruff Bible

Submitted by and in possession of Sandy McGraw- Ct.

"Enclosed are 3 Woodruff family Bible records I scanned for your website. An added
tidbit to go with these records- on the inside cover page Royal Woodruff as a little fellow
(1828 +/-) practiced writing his name and the words in square letters THE HOLY BIBBLE.
Also on the back page Ada practiced her name.
The Bible came from the home of Helen Hayman of West Hartford, Ct."

The Holy Bible, New York, American Bible Society, 1848.


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[Page One -- Family Record]

Frances Woodruff

Moses Woodruff Born Oct. 25 AD 1804

Newel Woodruff July 19th 1807

Darius Woodruff July 13 - 1810

Henry Woodruff March 9 - 1813

Lemyra Woodruff January 6 - 1816

Martin Woodruff January 19 1821

Royal Woodruff Sept. 18 1823

Cyrilla [or Cyvilla?] Woodruff May 11 1829

[Page Two -- Family Record]

Ada J. Woodruff Born December 3 1850

Lawrence M. Woodruff Born feb 9 1852

Irving W. Woodruff Born August 11 1856


Obituary of Mrs. Harriet N. Johnson, age 92, 1907

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