Parks Bible


Sarah (Pine) Parks' Family Bible

Submitted June 14, 1996 by:
Anna Joan Buxton per

Emogene Gilman
26 Green Street #1
Jamaica Plains, MA

See also PARKE.tba

One photocopied page from "Sarah Parks Bible" sent from Emogene
Gilman to Olive Parks of Esther, Alberta, T0J 1H0, in March 1993.
Olive forwarded the copy on to me in April 1993. It is not know
where the original bible can be found.

Elias T. Parks in this record was the son of Cyrenius Parke, UE
and wife Elizabeth Huffman, of Fredericksburgh Twp, Lennox and
Addington County, Ontario, Canada. Cyrenius Parke's family are to
be found in PARKE.tba.

Surnames in this record:


Elias (T.) PARKS born 26 October 1798

[nee PINE/PYNE] born 29 January 1802

Nancy PARKS born 6 June 1823

Milo PARKS born 10 October 1824

James L. PARKS born 21 January 1827

Elizabeth Ann PARKS born 16 Nov.r 1828

Elias Jay PARKS born 20 July 1830

John F. PARKS born 12 March 1832

Sarah Jane PARKS born 22 Feb'y 1834

Miran Henry PARKS born 26 July 1836

[first name "Miron' is not legible in this record; note by
Emogene in margin says he is Miron Henry. Other record says
he is William Henry]

[note in margin says "2nd Marriage to (James) FRINK]

Robert FRINK born 28 March 1841

Lucinda? Mahala FRINK born 1st August [year not legible]

Benjamin Horatio? FRINK born 30 August 1846